Figaro issues Official Statement on "coffee issue in Pnoy's SONA"

Entertainment at whose expense? Pnoy's State of the Nation Address last July 25, 2011 exposed PAGCOR's alleged spending P1B on coffee and the alleged involved company, Promolabels, a franchise of Figaro Coffee Company was indicated to be the supplier of the said coffee.
PAGCOR Chairman Cristino Naguiat said that Promolabels enjoyed a 64 percent profit margin on the coffee it supplied. Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company being dragged to the issue issued this official statement by Atty. Lowella Layao-Concha to clear the ties that drag its name. I have watched the discussions on TV about the details of the coffee spending and apparently, the said alleged overpricing was not a valid and logical impression because the P1B coffee spending was distributed for the whole year to not just seven but fourteen casinos and to further specify, PAGCOR was only able to provide 9-12 cups of coffee per hour with the said budget allocation. Whether the President was not so accurate about the issue and concluded with half-baked allegations, we must all be vigilant with the details and not conclude with hearsay of most yapping bullies online. 
Pnoy's SONA was entertaining with all the exposé, the rhetorics and I truly support the optimism he imparted with the last few statements acknowledging the efforts of his "Boss". The critics and the indifferent should not just appreciate the cause to move forward, act and do not belittle the simplest efforts of those who really work hard for the country. Figaro, with their new management since 2009 continues to improve its practices, systems and products. They have started to promote local indigenous products like their new Herbal Teas supporting local farmers and producers and truly Filipino tea blends like Pito-Pito, Lagundi, Banaba and Sambong for health and enjoyment.
Figaro will also be introducing new additions to their menu and they will also be engaging the community with their promo set to launch this week. 
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