Event: Sen. Gringo Honasan meets the Bloggers

I've always been sorry for my tactlessness and my loudness but I prefer to be happy and gay than following the majority with a culture of indifference and superficial attitude. I didn't know I shared some similar attitude after meeting Senator Gringo Honasan last Thursday at Cravings in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. 
Upon entrance of Cravings, all memories of my romance relationships back in college came back but the array of cakes totally erased all those break-ups and tears. I blame it on the Devil's Foodcake which probably gave me the sugar rush but it was truly delicious. The frosting was the taste I've always dreamed of. The dark chocolate sponge with sweet and moist syrup set my spirits high before meeting the handsome senator.
It was my first time meeting Senator Gringo Honasan and I was too excited but I couldn't help thinking about a question my former photojournalist asked me. It was a question he needed to answer about to join a beauty pageant in a university. So, the moment we entered the room, I threw the question to Senator Gringo Honasan. If there'd be one thing you want to change the world, what would it be?
He said may be equitable distribution of resources and wealth among Filipinos. With more than 90 million Filipinos and more than 30 million hectares of land, the allocation of resources must've been the cause of what we all suffer today. He taught us all that it is not possible to evaluate what you have not measured and that facts and reports need to be accurate to address any problem. It was a memorable experience meeting the senator who made history with coup d' etat in the country and still passionate in serving the Filipino at the age of 63. 
I was so happy sharing the same sentiments during meetings at work where colleagues waste time to brag about their own issues and not solve any problems at hand. He retreats to himself (as he calls it) instead of making a fuss to address his aggression which I relate to in most of my experiences with my colleagues. I'd like to learn how he does the retreating since I've always slept instead of counter-reacting to those incidences of  aggression. He was also admiring with his "lolo" routine everyday where he said, "my day starts at 6pm when my grandchildren are delivered to my home". Exercise to him was running after the grand kids he makes more meaningful discussions than those with his colleagues.
I found resemblance with my passion to help the children when he mentioned he plans to teach after the senate position someday. I really appreciate the genuine love for the country with all his ideas on how to specifically address the issues every Filipino faces today. I've learned from his ideas the value of admitting only what we want to exist. We should all deny those that we don't want to keep in our culture as Filipinos. Do not teach our children that we as Filipinos have those negative attitudes. Although they exist, as teachers, we should all learn to be impeccable with our words, because what we think is what we become. Cogito Ergo Sum. I think therefore I am. I will always refuse to believe what I don't want to become. Thank you Jeman Villanueva of www.orangemagazinetv.com for the experience. Thank you Senator Gringo Honasan for making me appreciate my job as a teacher once again.
Oh and by the way, my said student won so thank you Senator for the heads up!


  1. Hi Mommy Jo! ;D So happy for your another great experience! :) Your blissful happiness shows! ;D Best Regards!

  2. Thanks Des! It was always my choice to be happy! Thank you for the comment and keep smiling!


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