Event: My Binondo Girl Press Screening

Kim Chiu passed as a real man in My Binondo Girl of ABS-CBN. I was surprised at her sterling performance as Yuan (brother of Jade) after watching the press screening of My Binondo Girl last night at SM North The Block. The Primetime Princess Kim Chiu makes a comeback on television bringing to life two characters as Jade and Yuan trying to win the love of his father Chen Sy (Richard Yap).  I thought it was just one romantic epic story of a damsel in distress rescued by three men played by Jolo Revilla (Onyx), Matteo Guidecelli (Trevor Wu) and Xian Lim (Andy Wu). 
My Binondo Girl is a story of a girl born of a loving mother Zheny (Ai Ai Delas Alas) and Amor (Gina Pareño) who was disowned by her Chinese father Chen Sy (Richard Yap) for not being born as a boy (since most Asian cultures prefer sons as first borns). The drama revolves around the transformation of Jade to becoming Yuan brought by a circumstance jailing her two precious family, mom and grandma avenging for her after being rejected at her father's company, Chen Sy Industries. Cherry Pie Picache playing Jean Sy, the best friend of Ai Ai Delas Alas (Jade's mom) becomes the wife of Chen Sy after Zheny (Ai Ai) left China to save Jade (Kim Chiu) from being adopted by the Chinese authorities. The conflict brought by the circumstance made me reflect on particular cultural differences involving Chinese and Filipino marriages and other similar cultures following strict beliefs and religion. I was surprised to have cried and laughed at the same time after feeling pity at Jade's struggles and the lines of Amor and Zheny. What's more interesting is how I have actually fallen in love with the gestures of Jolo Revilla (Onyx) playing the best friend of Jade (Kim Chiu) who seemed similar to his father, Sen. Bong Revilla in his previous movies and TV programs. I am not a fan of soaps and dramas but after 100 Days to Heaven, Direk Malou Sevilla made me want to be proud being a Filipino once again after watching the press screening of My Binondo Girl. I can't wait to watch how Onyx will soon capture the heart of Jade in My Binondo Girl now showing on ABS-CBN Primetime, Monday to Friday starting August 22, 2011 after 100 Days to Heaven. What Chinese customs and beliefs you know moved you?