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Baratillo, conceptualized by Dominador Santos Jr. under Maresville Exhibits and Trade International brought the concept outside Metro Manila to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs, was the start of all those night markets and tiangge (bazaars) we enjoy today. Food and more goodies brought me to experience the history and varieties of the concepts after attending the Bloggers Event at The Great Night Market Venice Piazza along with very close friends in media.
Variety of food choices at The Great Night Market soon to feature free performances by very famous local bands like MYMP conveniently situated at The Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City was what drew my attention and the hilarious stories with Mr. Boy Santos about his trading experiences in the past. It made me remember how my mom used to drag me to baratillo (now we call tiangge) when I was young and how she'd hoard some of her favorite cakes and sausages which I had no idea was a collaboration of small and promising entrepreneurs now industry giants in the business world.
Mr. Boy Santos shared his stories which dates back twenty six years ago on how a lot of small players were given an alternative venue achieving their dreams which today seemed quite competitive especially with the online media and more youth adept to the changes.
Bloggers were given a sheet to vote for the best booth and tried samples of each dish or product offer. I fell in love with teas so my first choice to try was AI Tea which was said to be owned also by a blogger.
Funny how the owner placed description of the teas relating to the suggestive name of the shop. My friend Arpee had the Iced Mocha Tea and my choice was their delicious Thai Tea.
If some was captivated by the smoke of the grills in some booths offering delectable barbeque meats and street foods, I was enthralled with the smell of T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks made at Carlo's Kitchen. Chef/owner Carlo prepared it well for us while entertaining our queries on his experiences in different restaurant and hotel establishments.
The Great Night Market like most of the bazaars (baratillo) Maresville organized in countless exhibits was behind the feat providing opportunities for small players. I will not be surprised soon that Carlo's Kitchen will boom in the food and restaurant business someday with his exquisite manner of preparation despite location.
The Great Night Market offers international food choices from Korean, Mexican to Mediterranean and affordable gourmet like the famous Med-Chef which allowed us samples of their pasta and salads. It was hard to resist the Spam Sushi at midnight and even if I felt guilty for indulging, I was really happy for not missing out on the experience.
Interesting and really a must-try is this Pandan Express specializing in Chicken Pandan with rice and other side dishes of your choice. The Great Night Market also offer Zuper Zhots, non-alcoholic mixed drinks conceptualized by students from Ateneo De Manila with names of beverages from cocktails famous all over the world.
While the others were busy exploring the booths, we had a long chat with Mr. Boy Santos spanning three decades of experience organizing successful exhibits with Maresville. The vivid memories of how some of his exhibitors recalled made us all reflect on our own era and our shopping preferences. 
The legendary exhibitor shouldn't be missed sponsored by Boardwalk, Slimmers World, www.delivery.ph, Jeru Travel Agency, Pearl of the Pacific Boracay, San Remiego Beach Club Cebu and Lush Enterprises (Frutas, Buco ni Frutas, Mr. Teppan and Shan Hi Food).
The bloggers event was also in partnership with 88DB Philippines, Manila Times and 96.3 Easy Rock
Try a feast of Filipino and International cuisines with more than 50 budding food businesses plus more surprises at The Great Night Market Venice Piazza 
Visit The Great Night Market Venice Piazza located at Mckinley Hill Bonifacio Global City Taguig, Metro Manila. They're open from 10am to 4am the next day. 


  1. The kebabs look really delicious and the must-try pandan chicken too! Too bad we missed that=(

  2. Try them next time you visit Venice Piazza @Crumpylicious blog! Thanks for the comment!


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