Event: Figaro's new Gourmet Feast

Anything gourmet would spell classy expensive and really small portion of meals, at least that's what I've thought. I've just attended the launch of Figaro's new Gourmet Feast at Figaro Shangri-la  Plaza Mall last Wednesday with fellow foodies and it redefined my concept of gourmet. Three new meals, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Pork Salpicao and Fish Steak were added to the array of sumptuous choices at Figaro.
With a choice of steamed rice or french baguette slices to go with your meal and varying side dishes and pastry featured each month, Figaro's new Gourmet Feast will give you the confidence to share exciting dishes with your family and friends.
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus is young baby asparagus wrapped in bacon in Teriyaki sauce. It comes with buttered vegetables and Food for the Gods pastry (featured for the month of August). The meal comes with iced coffee. I really liked the crunchiness and sweetness of the asparagus that compliments the sweet and salty  bacon in Teriyaki sauce. If you're not into veggies, you'd surely change your mind because it's really appetizing and flavorful. The buttered vegetables (corn, string beans, cauliflower and broccoli) were also sweet and crunchy. It felt like dining in an expensive hotel but again, Figaro is a coffee shop.
Pork Salpicao is tender slices of pork in Salpicao sauce with crunchy garlic bits. It was surprisingly so delicious and I think I'd prefer the rice instead of the bread to go with it. This Spanish meal will remind you of home-cooked Salpicao except that the presentation is really exquisite and refined. The tasty sauce would be hard to forget and those watching their diet will definitely indulge because the buttered vegetables may be given as an alibi for giving in to this.
Fish Steak is a pan-fried slice of Tuna or Tanigue marinated in a special sauce. It gave a picture of a perfect style of frying fish not losing the sweetness and freshness of the fish. Lightly fried and really tender, it's best served with rice and buttered vegetables to fill you with satisfaction and strength after that stressful day at the office. I really loved the way they cooked the fish because it's not too salty. The marinade did not overpower the taste of the fish so you'd still savor the freshness compared to those served in other restaurants.
Figaro's new Gourmet Feast gave me more reasons to visit and try new wonderful dishes to go with my favorite coffee. These new dishes will be available in four selected branches starting August 8 and to be served nationwide starting August 23, 2011. Pastry and side dishes may vary depending on featured items for the month and all meals are available any day of the week and any moment of the day for you. What's best about this is the price. I was told that each dish will be less than P300 so you can bring your family and friends to Figaro's Gourmet Feast
Figaro is also launching an Experience of Touch IPAD raffle promo so watch for the mechanics to be posted in this blog soon!