Event: Chef Deejay Santos as SM Master Chef at SM Hypermarket Novaliches

SM Hypermarket used to be Makro located in Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City. I've met Chef Deejay Santos once again after attending the SM Hypermarket Marathon Cooking Demo in what's now called to be SM Hypermarket Novaliches last August 9, 2011. 
If I've blogged about him using the brand Lee Kum Kee in SM Fairview, this time SM Master Chefs in SM Hypermarket Novaliches featured Tabasco. I've always used Tabasco and bought regularly the Original Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce and I wasn't aware there were too many variants of the famous sauce. Tabasco became popular I believe because of the Bloody Mary as the spice that gives the drink that kick to enliven the famous cocktail.
Chef Deejay started at 3:30pm when the crowd started to flock the event area. The first dish was the Bacon and Egg Po Boy with Tabasco Pepper Sauce. He started by combining the mayonnaise with Original Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce and put the spread on each side of the sub roll. He then showed the mixing of the eggs and milk together and scrambled it with bacon. When the scrambled egg was done, he put the mixture on the sub roll and sprinkled the bacon bits and fresh romaine lettuce on top. 
The scrambled egg was rich, fluffy and creamy. The bite got crunchy with those crispy bacon bits and fresh romaine lettuce. The explosion of flavors was in the spicy kick of the spread (mayonnaise and Tabasco mix). It was a filling, comforting and truly satisfying hearty sandwich that can be served morning, noon and night.
The Tabasco pepper fest continued with the second dish - Chipotle Beef Tips cooked right after the Bacon and Egg Po Boy with Tabasco Pepper Sauce. This time, Chef Deejay introduced another Tabasco not familiar to me - Tabasco Brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce. Chipotle (pronounced the way it is spelled) or chilpotle, which comes from the Nahuatl word chilpoktli meaning "smoked chili pepper" is a smoke-dried jalapeño that tends to be brown and shriveled. It is a chili used primarily in Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisines, such as Mexican-American and Tex-Mex. Tabasco Brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce is made from select smoked red jalapeño peppers and has a smooth, rich smoky flavor. Chef Deejay started with sprinkling boneless beef cut into 1-inch cubes generously with salt and fried it in olive oil over medium-high heat. He removed the slightly fried beef tips and fried onion, mushrooms, garlic and diced tomatoes. He added the Worcestershire, Tabasco Chipotle sauce, cumin and cooked the mix for 2-3 minutes. He then stirred the beef and let the juices from the sauce simmer for another 2-3 minutes. The dish was garnered with cilantro and served the dish hot on the plate.
The result is a juicy sweet and sour dish with flavorful tender beef cubes spiced by TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce. I really liked the fruity and juicy tomato dices that adds kick to the flavor of the smokey and peppery beef tips. 
The third dish Chef Deejay made was the Festive Green Beans. He started by heating oil and butter in a skillet over medium-heat and added the leeks, red bell pepper strips and other vegetables until tender. Meanwhile, he steamed the green beans 5 minutes until crisp-tender and drained. He added the beans to the skillet along with garlic, salt and Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce and lemon peel. After garnishing the dish with toasted almonds, he served the exciting and crunchy Festive Green Beans. It was really different because the crispy beans became sweet and juicy spiced with Tabasco Brand Pepper sauce that gave that delightful kick to the dish.
The last dish he made which took only a few minutes to finish was the Carnivore Pasta. He sauteed onions, garlic and mushrooms in pre-heated oil, added the minced beef, Clara Ole Spaghetti Sauce Mushroom and Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce to the mix. After it boiled and simmered, he finished the sauce with butter. The last part was cooking San Remo Spaghetti as instructed on the packet and chopped fresh basil to put on top. The dish became more exciting with grated parmesan cheese. It was truly a carnivorous bolognese-type of spaghetti that became more flavorful with Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce
I was filled with more food and knowledge on how to prepare dishes with my favorite pepper sauce. Happy at the new variants of Tabasco introduced to me, I cooked fish with my new friend, Tabasco Brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce. I've learned to appreciate the brand I loved for years because of the SM Master Chefs Cooking Marathon. Two other monumental events will also be hosted by SM Hypermarket. One is the Kitchen Makeover, where five lucky shoppers will get the chance to have their kitchen redesigned and furnished done in partnership with the established designers from the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) and the Supersized Cook-off Events set to make culinary records with each cook-off featuring regional dishes set in five different locations. It will be undertaken with the help of the local government units and the community.
Filipino women reported to be the top Asian country enjoying shopping will definitely multiply in records with more of SM Hypermarket events. These five months will engage more shoppers to appreciate the products they always grab in the grocery stands and they'll really learn more ways to prepare their favorite dishes. So, don't miss the fun and head to your favorite SM Hypermarket branch.