Event: BPI launches BEA!

It isn't Bea Alonzo but she's the angel to save you time and money in banking transactions. I have met BEA (BPI Express Assist)  yesterday at the main branch of BPI in Makati together with other media participants. 
BEA is one of the newest, pioneering innovations of the Bank of the Philippine Islands to its branches.
BPI Express Assist- the country's first fully-automated transaction assist platform- allows bank customers to enter transaction data and needed service on touch-screen machines for a wide range of transactions including cash and check deposits, withdrawals, bills payment, BIR and SSS payments. A queue number is generated and customers can sit in comfort while waiting for their turn at the teller. The transaction is automatically transmitted to the teller, ensuring accuracy and cutting down processing and waiting time. The queue number is also called electronically, with the number appearing in a television screen and showing which teller the customer should go to.
In celebration of their 160th year, BPI would like to provide more conveniences and services to customers like the BEA (BPI Express Assist) which transactions can be done within 160 seconds. This fast process was experienced by the media participants who joined the Transaction Relay Race of which designs was inspired by the TV program, The Amazing Race. Media participants formed teams to complete transactions within a limited time and the fastest to get the flag at the end of the relay won Globe Tattoo Supersticks and money clips courtesy of BPI.
It was fun watching the teams hurdle the tasks written in the yellow envelopes. The runner-up team also won Globe Tattoo Supersticks and some complimentary items from BPI. It allowed all the participants experience how fast transactions will be with BEA at BPI branches and showed them possible circumstances customers may incur during the experience.
BEA is also a product of BPI's growth and remarkable achievement bagging the Best Branch Automation and Networking Award at the 5th Asian Banker Technology Implementation Awards Programme helt at The Hong Kong Jockey Club last April with its partner, Wincor Nixdorf.  BPI topped over 50 financial institutions from 15 countries across the Asia-Pacific, Gulf Region and Central regions. 
Being known to have introduced ATM banking in the Philippines since 1983, BPI continues to provide conveniences like the mobile order-and-pay system, which allows customers to order straight from the menu on their mobile phone, pay via debit from a deposit account and get confirmation receipt. That's as easy as use the mobile app of BPI with a specific merchant like Mcdonald's and order-and-pay right from your cellphones. This transaction saves you time and money having to go through calling or visiting the store to get those basic orders of food/items you need in an instant.
Another great news BPI shared was the new system of interbranch bank transactions where customers need not visit their home branch for transactions that need verification of client's identity. We can not transact AT ANY OF ITS BRANCHES NATIONWIDE instead of the usual requirement of having to go to the home branch. It is also the only bank with REAL-TIME CHECK CLEARING, which means BPI check deposited in a BPI branch clears immediately and the funds withdrawable immediately. That's convenience you'd really appreciate doing businesses with check transactions.
I have also touched BEA and experienced the conveniences. What are the other benefits of using BEA? It eliminates the need to fill forms and when the queue number is called, the teller is already informed of what transaction each customer is doing when approaching the counter. You also get a proof of transaction after the BEA transaction as it prints to a confirmation receipt when doing withdrawals, deposits and bills payment. It ensures accuracy because the BEA with real-time checking of accounts eliminates human errors misspelled names and numbers. It provides customers faster processing of transactions since time cut down from the traditional method is up to 30%. Those valuable minutes you save from wasting time may be used for other important activities especially those businessmen who value time. Finally, it gives comfort and infomercial tips because those who wait for their queue numbers to be called can learn financial tips from watching the video before them.
BPI had really lived up to their promise of providing customers conveniences "beyond ordinary banking" and it convinced me to consider opening new accounts so that I'd pay those bills faster than having to line up in malls and payment centers. Besides, with BPI Express Assist (BEA), you need not bring the statement of account, you just need the reference number(or account numbers) to have those bills paid. Touch BEA today at selected BPI branches nationwide. 
For more information about BPI and how it continues to make it easy for Filipinos on its 160th year anniversary, visit www.bpiexpressonline.com.


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