Event: Bloggers blow The Red Whistle!

Awareness is all we need in the midst of hypocrisy and religion. The awareness should be updated and Project Headshot Clinic with Niccolo Cosme's Lighthouse Studio continues to spark motivation to awareness with The Red Whistle. The iconic red whistle intended to empower and inspire people to come together and help each other in the battle against HIV and AIDS was once again reminded to bloggers last Wednesday at the Blackbird Restaurant in Makati City. 
The alarming rise of HIV infection in the Philippines, an exponential leap from the low and slow character of the epidemic before 2007 had now become to six new infections everyday. Reports of undocumented HIV-related deaths, a manifestation of the invisibility of the epidemic and evidences indicate the increase driven by lack of awareness and appreciation of the risks. I have interviewed cab drivers on what they know and my students as well and I was always alarmed at how the fallacies still exists because of the lack of awareness. This increases the risks of HIV infection which we must all consider. My students like the cab drivers thought that HIV infection is only for those who involve in casual sex and homosexuals. Although the reported cases featuring the same sex, everybody is actually at risk. Just reminding people of the AIDS epidemic update in the Philippines should involve everyone to be cautious and responsible. It is a serious matter to learn that six Filipinos die everyday because of HIV and AIDS. We should really blow. And really blow harder.
We should blow the Red Whistle as a response to the insufficient prevention programs conducted to communities because we do not want to put everyone at risk. The Red Whistle has three objectives: 1. raise awareness on the situation to encourage community action; 2. deliver safer sex messages designed to reach communities affected by the epidemic; and 3. help facilitate access or referral to HIV services, including HIV testing, treatment, and support services.
The Red Whistle aims to empower and inspire people to come together and help each other in this battle against HIV and AIDS. We hope to reach our objectives through online and social media efforts, visual arts and rebranding through the red whistle. We hope to engage individuals and groups to HELP sound the alarm in their respective communities that HIV is here and that it must be stopped.
After producing a thousand red whistles given to all who pledge commitments to battle against HIV and AIDS, the supply to provide the curious majority is running out fast. We should help not just by spreading the updates about the epidemic but by mobilizing support for the cause of The Red Whistle. Donate funds and pledges to help produce more Red Whistles because we should all care for the future of your children and grandchildren. The campaign is also searching for those who would like to participate in the advocacy of awareness by donating artworks inspired by The Red Whistle. They are also looking for companies/establishments who can share by giving high visibility for The Red Whistle like coffee shops or restaurants flocked daily to increase the awareness. Please help also by participating in The Red Whistle Facebook page. Please spread the word because we all want to stop the HIV spread now. Like the message in The Red Whistle, "No more AIDS-related deaths. Stop HIV spread now, together we can". 


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