Event: Bloggers against Hunger launch with UN-WFP

We should battle hunger not just feeding those we know because those we don't need more attention than we least expect. There are a lot of things we still don't know about battling hunger and I've learned more than what I've expected attending the launch of Bloggers Against Hunger with Flow Galindez being the Philippines Bloggers Leader for the United Nations World Food Programme (Philippines) last Thursday at their Makati office. 
WFP in the Philippines started earlier than KC Concepcion endorsing the program being the Philippines WFP Ambassador extending their worldwide operations to the outskirts of Mindanao and other poorest regions in the country. The numbers of hungry Filipinos are not primarily about those who do not eat three times a day but those who would have to travel miles and obstacles to reach the food sources. 
All these and more striking facts on how too weak is the awareness of a common Filipino know about hunger in the Philippines. I felt humbled knowing a little after realizing the meaning of hunger from the UN-WFP. What we know about malnourishment and undernourishment shown on TV and videos are less visible representations of hunger existing worldwide. Hunger is more than an empty stomach indeed.
The UN-WFP with campaigns like Walk The World and more activities raised awareness about hunger and its program in the Philippines led to the recognition of online media spreading words online about issues detrimental to what people know far greater than the efforts of the organization. It is one visible existing problem the Philippines continues to face these days. From the WFP stats, Hunger is the world's number 1 health risk because it kills more people every year compared to AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. It may really sound quite difficult to decipher at first but understanding the statistics and the existing problems that coincides with hunger will make anyone realize why. It is actually one problem we address by feeding those we know of what we have at moments of discussion but the numbers continue to increase and the awareness is actually one of the biggest factor why it becomes more difficult to address. I've become more hungry for more information as the events proceeded. The launch of Bloggers Against Hunger piloting in the Philippines with Flow Galindez (www.angsawariko.com) as the lead aims to address the problem on awareness. It is very crucial to the reality that most of the government moves and issues we face today is influenced by the online media. Sad but true that what we address everyday are issues only known to us and the launch of the Bloggers Against Hunger should help ease the burden of bureaucracy killing the cat and misinformation or misplaced channels of information brought by the freedom enjoyed by people in the social media. We all need to learn that we can only address those we know and properly address each issue as per reliable report purportedly intended to those joining the Bloggers Against Hunger. I'm thankful to have been part of the event and I've grown hunger to more information on how I can better help the advocacy against hunger. Everyone should be hungry for knowledge to address hunger properly, don't you think?