Review:Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Breadicious Rice Meals!

It's rice but the chicken is breaded. Angels Pizza Pasta Combo has new breadilicious rice meals; Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Parmigiana and Chicken with Creamy Sauce. I've been longing to meet a friend who transferred school last weekend and we both agreed to meet in Angels Pizza Pasta Combo at Kalayaan Avenue.
For only P95, each rice meal is served with a cold cup of iced tea available at all Angels Pizza Pasta Combo branches. I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana because I was craving for an Italian flavor on rice. My friend ordered both the Chicken with Creamy Sauce and Chicken Teriyaki because he was so hungry then. 
Chicken Parmigiana was the breaded chicken drizzled with tomato sauce and melted cheese baked to create the perfect Italian rice meal. I enjoyed the saltiness of the cheese with the tanginess of the tomato sauce. It was hard to chat over the hefty serving of the delicious rice meals.
When I had finished my Chicken Parmigiana, I couldn't help but get some of my friend's Chicken with Creamy Sauce and Chicken Teriyaki. The Chicken with Creamy Sauce reminded me of Chicken A La King except that the base was rice and not bread. It's creamy and yet not too salty punctuated with the crunchiness of the corn and carrots on top.
Their Chicken Teriyaki was not too sweet and the breaded chicken fillet was sliced conveniently to fit the spoon of rice. It was also deliciously crunchy because of the roasted sesame seeds. 
We were just hoping to get the usual Fried Chicken Meal at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo and we didn't expect to have a surprising and breadilicious rice meal. 
Angels Pizza Pasta Combo now serves more than pizzas, pasta and combo meals with their new rice toppings, Breadilicious Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Parmigiana and Chicken with Creamy Sauce (P95 with regular iced tea drink). We had a long talk about how life had changed after years of not bonding. It was a breadilicious meal with breaded topics layered with particular circumstances we both face at the start of the school-year. The Angels we sought to satisfy our hunger for food and for each other had just made everything convenient and truly memorable with new Breadilicious Rice Meals
Angels Pizza Pasta Combo branches are located at Kalayaan Ave, QC, Fairview, Malate, Makati, Pasig, ParaƱaque, Recto, UN Avenue and Dagupan. Call 922-2222 for delivery. 


  1. mouth watering dish, it makes me crave for food

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