Review: Sambrano's Food House's Dinuguan and Puto

Cheap food does not really mean dirty. If most street foods and carinderia dishes have lost patronage being featured in investigative TV documentaries, newly-opened Sambrano's Food House sets apart from them all with their food preparations. In search of a snack place my friend Simon and I did last Saturday in Pioneer Center Mandaluyong, we bumped into Sambrano's Food House conveniently located just beside the supermarket. 
The family used to have a small kiosk inside the supermarket catering to all the meals of the workers and passersby in search of a delicious meal after shopping. We were captivated with the pictures of authentic pinoy dishes like Dinuguan and Puto so we asked if they had some available for dine-in.
Dinuguan - stewed pork and pork blood in vinegar and spices is an original Filipino favorite snack or meal with rice. Best paired with Puto (steamed rice cake), Dinuguan used to be a delicacy served during the Pangangaluluwa rituals which I seldom hear practiced by Pinoys today. Members of the Iglesia ni Kristo prohibit and never ate the dish being regarded as truly inhumane and impure as it uses fresh pork blood for the stew. If most carenderia served innards and other pork parts to save on ingredients, Sambrano's Food House's Dinuguan (P40) uses pork meat only. The stew had a perfect blend of sour and salty flavor not overpowering the flavors of the meat. Their home-made Puto (6/each) was more buttery and creamy with yummy cheese melted on top.
It was so delicious we ate it right away and forgot to shoot the presentation. It was just hard to resist the buttery Puto dipped in Dinuguan with aroma that will sweep your anxieties away. When another guy walked in and ordered Halo-Halo, we were convinced try it ourselves also.
The presentation looked like Razon's but the price was just P45. The difference may have only been the ice which made the other one really famous but Sambrano's Food House's Halo-Halo had more ingredients, bananas, leche flan, beans and sago. The owners said they put more ingredients but they had limited stocks when we visited. It was really delicious and not too sweet which will make you love the Leche Flan and the beans and bananas more.
They also serve homemade Lumpiang Ubod for only P25/each. If you're craving for Dinuguan and Puto or Halo-Halo in Mandaluyong, don't miss Sambrano's Food House. They'll leave your tastebuds wanting for more with their wide array of dishes. 
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