Review: I got Krazy over Krazy Garlic's Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry!

It's been a long time getting Krazy with a best friend from college and we both decided to go Krazy over Krazy Garlic last weekend in Makati. Simon had been a close friend I met in the line of registering for Nat. Sci I back when UP Diliman had no CRS system and we've been friends since then constantly having dinners in different restaurants all over the city. I won gift certificates from the launch of Krazy Garlic and I've wanted to share with him the loco over garlic.
We arrived at Krazy Garlic Greenbelt 5 filled with excitement but it was really hard to get seats since the whole place was packed with families dining at their heart's content with the resto's variety of scrumptious offerings. When the Al fresco area was available, we didn't hesitate to start ordering beverages from the Krazy List of Thirsties (their own concoctions of healthy smoothies). I ordered their Travel Sickness (P180), a blend of Red Apple, Kiwis and Pureed Strawberries while Simon had their Infinity Iced Tea (P110). 
When I gave him the menu, he started getting Krazy with Krazy Garlic's Hara Kiri Rice (P225/365 to share), the house specialty fried rice with chilies, squid, shrimps and bacon. He said he was hungry as I am so we both agreed to indulge on seafood. We ordered the Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry (P415)- Thai-style sauteed shrimps with red coconut curry sauce and the Grilled Squid (P375) - fresh finest squid in seasoned stuffing of their homemade soy-vinegar sauce.
Chatting over a spontaneous serving of delightful and delectable dishes was difficult to continue. The presentation of the delicious dishes were a complete distraction to discuss our issues and catching-up moments. We had to pause and awe at each dish being served because the crunchy garlic toppings were just too inviting and hard to resist.
It took quite a while to get back discussing about other friends' stories because we both decided to just  succumb to the indulgence. The Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry was not too spicy compared to the Hara Kiri Rice filled with chilies. It reminded us both of our frequent love for spicy food the Koreans back in college taught us. The Grilled Squid became the catalyst with the homemade soy-vinegar sauce that provided the right amount of sweetness to the dish. We simply ate everything before we started talking again and it was really like when we were eating in restos back in college. 
The stories were still Krazy like us and it was a memorable Kraziness getting Krazy over Krazy Garlic's Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry, Grilled Squid and Hara Kiri Rice. We were so happy getting Krazy all over again. 
Get Krazy over Krazy Garlic located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati and 2nd Level of Newport Mall, New Port Resorts World, Pasay
For more information, call 501-3752 up to 53 in Makati and 621-7149/621-7148 in Pasay


  1. I've heard so much about how great this place is! I wished they would open in Cebu. The food looks amazing and I'm Krazy about garlic too! :)

  2. I hope so too. Thamk you for your comment po @Dinner at Six Thirty

  3. sarap naman nito... hmmm nagugutom nako

  4. kain ka muna @event lover! thanks for your comments!

  5. The seafood coconut curry looks good. Does every meal have garlic really? :)

  6. Most meals have garlic @Guia! Food at Krazy Garlic does not just looks good, it really tastes very good you'd go Krazy! Try it and thanks for your comment @Guia!


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