Review: A different foot massage at Nuat Thai Pearl Drive Fairview

Getting the best features of popular spas in one. It was a collection of the best features of all spas I've been in one place having a Foot Massage at Nuat Thai Pearl Drive Fairview the other day with a long time friend. 
I've had a full body massage at Nuat Thai before but I was curious why it was always compared to a popular Thai foot massage in the metro. I thought then that it was probably the price of the service at P250 which does not change anytime Nuat Thai Pearl Drive Fairview opens from 2pm to 1am Monday to Friday. 
We were told that the Full Body Massage was what they do best at Nuat Thai but I've opted to try the Foot Massage which was being compared. We headed to the wash room and changed to slippers while the therapists prepared the bowl for foot wash.
The path that led to the foot wash area had pebbles on each side. The relaxing spa music was really inviting when we walked past each private room on the right for full body massage services. The wash room had elegant Thai decors that created the perfect ambiance. My friend also appreciated the Zen flowing water on the left while we were enjoying the first step of pampering.
We were given both white rubber slippers to use as we walked to the foot massage area. The reclining chairs were really comfortable and we both thought that it will just be like those of the popular foot massage spa we frequented but we were surprised. They started by putting hot wraps for the back (pelvic area) and the neck which started to convince me I was really in for a different treat.
Both of our therapists arrived shortly after the warm wraps and started the massage with our hands and arms. By the time it reached the foot area, I was already slowly losing consciousness. I was almost sleeping when I've felt that my therapist was using a wooden stick to gently massage my soles and toes. It was gentle and really stimulating reminding me of a traditional Filipino foot massage (with Dagdagay which I had before). A few minutes later, it knocked me down and I was already asleep. Compared to the popular foot massage spa, they would wake you up for the final steps of the procedure - massage of the shoulders, neck and the head. Before and after the service, they had the courtesy to introduce themselves and greetings to tell you that it was the start (or the end) of the service. To my surprise, they gave Ginger Brew tea with hot and steamy towels to wipe off the excess oil.
I really loved the experience especially the warm wraps, the stick and the Ginger Brew tea which I had in separate spa places now in one place at Nuat Thai Pearl Drive Fairview branch. I really believe it was more than the price and I'd definitely be back to try their other services soon.
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  1. I like it here. A nice ambiance with less people. What I like the most aside from the massage is the free tea offered after the service. Relaxation continues because of the hot ginger lemon tea...

    Nice review by the way.


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