Review: Bread and Set Meals at Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop

I can live without rice but not without bread. After falling out of love from Breadtalk, I've discovered a new haven for my love for bread. My friend Arpee and I were just driving along P. Guevarra St. in San Juan last Friday and found a new haven of bread passions at Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop.
The place seemed simple with the array of bread choices arranged in decks but the surprise was after biting into each bread. I was surprised to have found similar variety of bread in Breadtalk. Since we have thought of dinner before buying bread (15% off from 9pm onwards), we were recommended their set meals.
Itching to try something exotic and unique, we were offered Set D and E. Set D was Chicken, Egg and Kinmen Fried Noodles. Set E was Slice Pork, Green Tea Egg and Special E-noodles. I was curious of what Kinmen Fried Noodles would taste so I ordered Set D and Arpee ordered the E. A Fil-Am friend of the owner, Johnson Hsieh from Taiwan told us that each dish is always freshly-made and created by the owner himself, Mr. Hsieh (and that was the reason he stepped out of the room to go to his kitchen). 
Soon after some chats and enjoying the freshly-made Iced Tea that comes with every Set Meal (at P100 only), my Set D arrived smoking hot on a big plate. It was fried eggs, sliced chicken and thin egg noodles sauteed with peas and carrots. I was very happy at the big serving considering the meal was just P100 and even happier when I've tried the Kinmen Fried Noodles. It may seem like a pancit canton without the overwhelming mix of herbs and spices. You'd really enjoy the simplicity of the dish. In fact, it was my first time to taste the noodles without the saltiness of the sauce which most noodle dishes are usually prepared. 
Arpee's Set E was in a big bowl of special E-noodles, marinated sliced pork and scrambled eggs and spices. We both stopped talking like we used to when enjoying the food. I had a taste of his special noodles and I must say they really make their noodles fresh because it's really delicious and the texture was just perfect. 
All the ingredients they use for the meals and the bread came from Taiwan and considering the prices, you'd really want to shop for more if you live far from San Juan. No preservatives are added so bread should be consumed right after to better serve quality and healthy food choices. 
Mr. Hsieh personally attended to us as he always do to his customers and it was an honor to meet one of the chefs who taught Breadtalk to make wonderful varieties of bread. We also indulged on their famous Light Cheesecake (P60) which had a perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness. It's soft, light and really unforgettable. 
I can't wait to buy more of their Ham and Cheese Loaf bread when I visit next week. Enjoy bread and more at Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop located at P.Guevarra St., Little Baguio, San Juan. For more information, call 02-655-8155 or text 0916-6855461.


  1. the breads look inviting. i love food too, hope you could drop by my blog. :)

  2. Thanks Entrepgirl. I will. Give Taibun a try!

  3. Charlie Ang12:57 AM

    First of all, breadtalk is from singapore and not taiwan. Oriental breads are unique in such a way that no certain country can lay claim to any bread since they copy each other and improvise to fit local taste and ingredient, hence I doubt about his claim regarding of teaching breadtalk. I tried out this place and there's really nothing spectacular. The noodles are just instant noodles cooked with veggies, pork slices, egg and taiwan spices you can see in ongpin. Many of their bread are 2-3 days old. Coffee also sucks at this place. If you want authentic quality taiwanese coffee, there's cukeng coffee along soler street but they dont serve bread. There's also bread and bean at the street behind this joint whose coffee, bread and cake totally blows this joint away, IMHO. Another noteworthy place is 12 baskets but their breads are more of the local version and geared toward the lowerB /C crowd. The value meal here is cheap for 100 bucks, but you get what you pay for. I am also quite hesistant about taiwanese food joints now specially after the recent taiwan DEHP food scare issue.

  4. Mr. Charlie Ang,
    I've just shared what they claimed and you may doubt with all your might about it. It is your prerogative to do just that. Thank you for sharing the food scare issue and it will definitely be appreciated by those who read about Taiwanese food joints. I do appreciate your comment! Thank you very much!

  5. Charlie Ang5:03 PM

    You're welcome! I'm just happy to share some facts and some of my thoughts with our fellow food enthusiasts, as I'm familiar with the Taiwanese bakery industry after spending a few months there studying baking and pastry. I hope to also learn from you things i do not know. I am aware of claims food joints make and what they relay to us uninformed food lovers. It is in sharing that we accelerate our learning rate and distinguish fact from fabrication. More power to you and may your tribe increase!

  6. thank you very much Mr. Charlie Ang! More power to you too!


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