Event: The Oracle Hotel and Residences and O Bistro at Katipunan, Quezon City

Boutique hotels are expensive but this one will surely captivate you. I've been filled with excitement and food attending the launch of Oracle Hotel and Residences and O Bistro at Katipunan, Quezon City yesterday with fellow food bloggers. The facade from outside made me think it was a learning center before (my eyes should be checked, really) and I was amused at the many surprises it provides the discerning customer.
The building seemed simple with minimalist designs that will make you wonder what's in store. The ground floor has business spaces which one is already vacated by Sizzlin' Pepper Steak Restaurant and upon walking to the entrance you'd be greeted by a courteous guard to lead and assist you to the concierge. The Oracle Hotel and Residences was primarily a dormitory for college students being strategically located in front of Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College in Katipunan and was transformed to a boutique hotel with chic interiors, carefully selected furnishings and luxurious sheets. It has complete business amenities including Broadband Internet access, meeting rooms for small groups and a fully-equipped conference room. The hotel's ballroom with 150 pax seating capacity is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and banquet services perfect for large-group business functions, celebrations and occasions. I was assisted to go to the hotel's restaurant, O Bistro and Cafe which opens Tuesdays to Sundays 6am to 10pm at the 5th level.
It was a cozy ambiance having all those wonderful paintings and decors with matching seats that complements the design. They offered to let me try the Peach Iced Tea along with appetizers truly indigenous to the restaurant; Sisig Bruschetta, Ham and Cheese Bruschetta, Roti Canai and Chicken Satay
Their Ham and Cheese Bruschetta, Toasted Italian bread topped with cream of Shitake and button mushrooms with dashes of Serrano ham and parmesan cheese (P220++) was crunchy and inviting beautifully plated like those served in expensive hotels. Not too salty and not too smokey, the perfect mix of the mushrooms and the cheese was accentuated with the balsamic vinegar thinly drizzled on the lettuce that'll make you want to make your own at home.
It'll definitely be more difficult to create the same presentation and taste after trying the next dishes. Sisig Bruschetta (P190++) is a fusion dish of toasted Italian bread topped with tasty and crispy pork mash flavored with caramelized shallots and finger chilies. The sour cream drizzled on top highlighted the Sisig satisfaction on top of crunchy and chewy french bread. 
We were also served Chicken Satay (P225++) a famous Thai skewered chicken marinated in choice fresh spices and served with peanut sauce and Mesclun Salad (P200++), caramelized walnuts, dried cranberries on fresh pears and romaine lettuce.
The explosion of flavors in the Mesclun Salad and the satisfaction of a Thai favorite was toppled by the O Bistro's Roti Canai (P150++), a famous Indian flat bread served with curry sauce. Compared to what you expect to eat in Indian restos, O Bistro's Roti Canai was carefully crumpled without destroying the crunchy and chewy texture which gives prominence to their distinct curry sauce. It's not too salty and spicy, the curry sauce will leave you a hint of sweetness at the end of every bite when you dip the flaky and crunchy flat bread. It was truly delightful.
This is O Bistro's Linguini Carbonara (P245++), al dente linguini pasta in white sauce, chicken, mushrooms, lardon of bacon with garlic bread. The fresh spices on top of the pasta and bread convinced me to believe that all pasta dishes are bland without these herbs. It would be a great dish to woo the girl you wish to please.
It looked like meat but its really Fish Salpicao (P220++). Tender chunks of cream dory fish sauteed perfectly in garlic and served with steam rice and vegetables. The weight-watchers will definitely be happy because the taste will make you think it's meat but it's really fish.
This is their Herbed Roasted Chicken (P340++), slow roasted chicken with herbs served with steamed rice and a panache of vegetables. The bed of mashed potatoes completed the meal of roasted chicken with herbs. 
Beef Curry (P335++), tender boneless beef infused with Indian spices served on a bowl of hot rice was not too salty and spicy. The fresh mint garnish and the curry spices blended well with the tender beef was creamy and refreshing. It was my first time enjoying the Indian curry spice since the dish was not too strong compared to those I've tried in Indian restaurants.
Finally, the Pièce de résistance O Bistro's Beef Medallion with Gratin Dauphinois (only P500++), Australian beef tenderloin cooked to your liking served with oven baked potatoes and steamed vegetables. Compared to those restos serving Wagyu and Angus, their Beef Medallion cooked medium-rare, was sweet and flavorful with texture that'll make you fall in love with beef all over again. The sauce was not too strong which led me to enjoy the flavor of the beef and the potato gratin with roasted and melted cheese made me forget all the manners I should be observing on formal occasions. I was literally shouting my awe and savoring the dish until they all started laughing. I believe it was the sweetness of the fresh steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) and the cheesy and well-baked gratin that highlighted the taste of the tender Beef Medallion that made my day.
When everyone followed the shouts for joy at the dishes, I was already too full to think of desserts. When the flyer showed that their Chocolate Fondue is only P215++, I got too excited and forgot all those thoughts of losing weight. Who wouldn't resist Chocolate Fondue with real dark chocolate, fresh fruits, lady fingers and marshmallows? It's a heavenly solution to any particular problem. Their fresh ripe mangoes and apples dipped on hot dark chocolate put me to bliss right away and made me chant in different languages. It'd be perfect to satisfy any woman of any particular desire and any man would get a yes at any serving of this heavenly Chocolate Fondue
I was already in bliss and I was in the brink of passing from trying O Bistro's Panacota but my fellow blogger friends kept saying "OMG, it's really good" so I gave in to the indulgence. It was not too sweet and the blueberries were really fresh and the custard was really perfect. 
After lunch, we had the tour of the facilities and the rooms. Their ballroom had tall ceilings and the walls had paintings from famous artists. It was a feast for the eyes glancing at every wall decor and designs. 
The Oracle Hotel and Residences had rooms for single or double occupancy priced from P4,050-P5,850 (2BR Suites) with free WIFI. What sets them apart from other boutique hotels is their free WIFI and expensive orthopedic beds with luxurious sheets that'll really give you the perfect sleep you need before a meeting or a seminar. Each room has all the bath and kitchen amenities and they'd provide you all the conveniences of a hotel now at promo rates starting at P2,850 with breakfast. 
Good sleep and good food will get any day right and The Oracle Hotel and Residences is just the perfect place to satisfy all your senses without the rip on your budget. It was a memorable learning experience re-defining what I need to relax and enjoy passions especially food at The Oracle Hotel and Residences.
For more information:
The Oracle Hotel and Residences is located at 317 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. Please call   (+63)2/926-7777   Fax no. (+63)2/576-0753 for inquiries and reservations or visit www.oracleresidences.com for more details


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