Event: Julie's Bakeshop celebrates 30th year with new logo, new products and greater business outlook!

It's really never too late to start at the age of 50. Take it from Julia Gandiongco and her husband who started Julie's Bakeshop in 1981. There was really more to the delicious bread choices and cheap prices in Julie's Bakeshop. It had become a homegrown name to all especially the working class and the poor majority because it's made fresh all day everyday and the prices are really dirt cheap. I had the privilege to attend the first blogger event of Julie's Bakeshop yesterday celebrating their 30 years of existence from humble beginnings in Cebu and I was so inspired at their discipline, hard work and more importantly, Faith.
I arrived early on the venue at Julie's Bakeshop Rosario branch hoping to have my favorite Julie's bread "Kalihim" which was phased out in our area in Lagro. Mr. Bienvenido Topacio, Regional Strategic Business Unit Manager of Julie's entertained my query about my favorite bread and shared more about what I don't know about the bakeshop. Since it was established in 1981, it is regarded as the country's most successful neighborhood bakeshop chain with over 500 outlets nationwide. They serve more than 400 varieties of bread choices although each outlet can only serve 70 of them. I was fascinated at the Pakyaw bread which looked like a boxing glove and they offered the Elorde bread instead. To both our surprise, a flock of construction workers had already wiped out the counter so I wasn't able to try the famous Elorde bread they serve in Rosario branch.
He offered to give me a tour of the production line instead which starts from the scaling of the ingredients. Their flour suppliers are those of trusted and more popular brands familiar to all of us. Batches of flour packed for a schedule of mixing are placed in secured and clean storage areas and I was surprised to realize the workforce actually attends to the tasks 24 hours a day (by shifts). Their bakers and staff are trained by their head office trainers in Pasig before being deployed in outlets. 
From the scaling to the packaging of batches comes the area of mixing and rolling of bread to ensure consistency of it's texture. 
The machines used for mixing were always clean and we were told that the production area in all outlets (and even franchisee's) are always open to the public for viewing to show how clean they make their breads everyday.
What's most interesting was that all their staff were well-trained to know what each particular bread should weigh before being placed in the racks for baking. I was even more surprised to realize they have consistently trained all them to pray before the start of the day and after. This is probably one of the reasons why most Julie's Bakeshop branches are near churches. I remember the convenience of having Julie's bread after Sunday mass every week in my neighborhood and I was also told the ceremonial "breaking of the bread" they do at each store opening following the ritual Jesus' made to make the bread fill every person in the group at Communion. 
On their 30th year under the leadership of Joseph R. Gandiongco, the President and CEO of Julie's Franchise Corporation, they've started the re-branding and transforming the entire look of all Julie's Bakeshop outlets. From its former brightly delineated primary colors, the brand now favors the more modern rendition of soft Mediterranean-yellow hue over a strong red base, doing away with the old baker/mom cartoon face to bring about a more mature facade.
They've also added more product developments like more lineup of offerings while keeping prices still affordable to every Filipino. They'd be offering among the loaf breads, Choco Coffee Overload, Choco Loco, Grand Ube Overload (each sold at P55), Violet Cream Loaf (P20), Banana Pineapple Loaf (P90) and a new school snack, Chicken Roll (P6/P10). 
I loved all the new offerings but my personal favorite were the Banana Pineapple and the Grand Ube Overload. I have almost forgotten the craving for Julie's "Kalihim", realizing it was called "Maligaya" in the Visayas region and other provincial outlets.
We were all surprised at the made-to-order cupcakes offered at any outlet (even franchise outlets) which was so cheap placed in a dainty big box. They also do made-to-order celebration cakes personalized for your convenience at any Julie's branch. 
Who would think a lady at the age of 50 started this business? Mrs. Julia R. Gandiongco said, "I only asked for one" acknowledging the venture she innovated that had grown to more than 500 outlets nationwide. Like what every Julie's staff would say, Prayer, Hardwork and Focus really pay off and more importantly making every bread truly affordable to the majority. 
The opportunity is actually open to all because Julie's Bakeshop accepts franchise with an initial fee of P250,000 along with the mandatory market study. Every shop is assured of continuous marketing campaign support, from bakery opening to building superior brand image. Franchisees and staff undergo intensive and thorough training, seminar-workshops and hands-on product handling, service excellence and customer satisfaction. They also offer reward system in place for bakery team performance, a motivational tool to drive all teams nationwide to excel both in sales and in operational efficiency.
I cannot live without bread and Julie's Bakeshop offer more than just bread making more Filipinos happy and satisfied with their cheap and freshly made choices. They have literally made the bread business following the lead of the Lord and His Daily Bread. Now I know why their breads are always consistently fresh and really delicious.
For more information, please visit www.juliesbakeshop.com.ph


  1. Sarap! Officially addicted to Julie's ube loaf ;-)

  2. Thanks Ms. Lhara! Julie's Ube Loaf is really very delicious!

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Mine is choco coffee ...yummmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the comment! Every product Julie's sell is really very very yummy!

  5. Pan de coco is their best seller, it's my mom's choice too! Julie's is always the best! thanks for your comment pink cookies

  6. Anonymous11:12 PM

    How much much is the made-to-order cupcsles? Thanks

  7. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Sorry, made-to-order cupacakes? Branch in makati?

  8. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Hoping for your reply. Thanks

  9. hi for cupcakes orders, check http://www.zomato.com/manila/julies-bakeshop-guadalupe-makati-city


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