Event: Electrolux launches Vac from the Sea Campaign

Recyclables plastics would be cheaper if we all join the cause. Electrolux, one of the world's biggest home care appliance companies raises the environmental awareness to greater heights with the launch of Vac from the Sea last night at the Ayala Museum aiming to promote the responsible production, use and disposal of plastics.
Plastics widely used because of their inherent malleability and flexibility pose a major threat to our environment because it never decompose when disposed. Causing massive destruction to our oceans, The Trash Vortex, an area of Texas in the North Pacific contains an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton. Along with other slow degrading garbage, the plastic swirls slowly around like a clock, killing fish, marine mammals and birds that get ensnared. Electrolux, together with various environmental organizations have started collecting these large deposits of plastic from the world's oceans. Some of the collected debris, have been transformed into art pieces shaped like Electrolux vacuum cleaners. Three of these pieces were recently displayed in the Ayala Museum.
Electrolux also launched its green range of environment-friendly products like the UltraOne vacuum cleaner, voted as the best vacuum cleaner in various European countries, made greener with 70% recycled plastic and reduced wattage
Vac from the Sea campaign roots from the initiative for greener living. Electrolux aims to reform its operations and eventually its consumers to a more responsible approach in dealing with plastics. They are well-aware about the ill effects of irresponsible use and disposal of plastics so it hopes to elicit a more conscious way of living among its market.
It is high time to go green. All initiatives that led to Vac from the Sea campaign ensures that Electrolux is "Thinking of You" exemplifying the Electrolux philosophy and how the company lives by it. 
What were the three vacuum cleaners from Vac from the Sea? The 3 new Vac from the Sea models are the Pacific Edition, Atlantic Edition and World Oceans Edition.
Each of the vacuum cleaner represents the ocean from which the plastic originates. The vacuum embody the plastic paradox; oceans are full of plastic waste, yet on land there is a shortage of recycled plastic for producing sustainable vacs. Today, Electrolux offers Green Range vacuum cleaners with up to 70% post consumer recycled plastic. The ambition is to reach 100% and we can all achieve the move to help save the environment by simply spreading awareness and patronizing only recycled materials not only with vacuums.
The event taught me more ways to teach environmental awareness to my students and friends emphasizing on plastics and how it pollutes our seas. It is indeed more pricey to buy those recycled materials we always use everyday. From ballpens, bags, containers and appliances, we are all enslaved to the convenience of using cheaper virgin plastics but buying non-recycled plastics may be cheaper. We have to be reminded that each of our habits contribute to the drowning nature we all suffer today. This definitely reminded me of the passion to be always consciously aware of all the plastics I use at home and outside. The consciousness should really be reminded to all - especially now that the weather shows the obvious climate change.
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  1. an awesome campaign hoping that it will be successful and have more designs in the future

  2. Thanks for the comment @Event Lover! We should all be taking the steps seriously to help our environment! Go for recyclable plastics!


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