Review: My first Fancy Look Lash Extension at Lavish Lash Studio

Silk not synthetic. This was what I've learned what separates Lavish Lash Studio from the other lash extension services offered in Megamall when I availed of my Groupon Voucher of P275 instead of P550 Fancy Look Lash Extension last Saturday at Lavish Lash Studio Megamall branch.
I have never had lash extensions in my life but I was eager to try because of the promise it brings lengthening my original lashes without the frills. The counter at the studio was really so polite when I mentioned I'm availing of my Groupon Voucher.
She showed me the menu of services offered at Lavish Lash Studio and explained the details of each item. I was told that the Fancy Look lash extension was more "natural" because it will look like my real original lashes and I have the option to upgrade my offer from Fancy to Glamorous Look by simply adding P250.
I was told to wash my eyes and lie down comfortably because the service may take more than 45 minutes.
This was what my lashes looked before the service. I fell asleep and just felt minor stings of adhesive in between and I wasn't aware that the service was already finished because she woke me up already.
So, after the service I felt like nothing was even put in my eyes and it was so relaxing because I dozed the whole time. To my surprise, when I examined my shots if they have kept the promise of extending my lashes, it really looked longer and more than my usual. It also looked so natural that I need not use mascara after. The silk lash extensions may have really been the difference because I've seen some friends had the same service but it looked fancy and really artificial compared to what I've had at Lavish Lash Studio.
Now I understand why their prices are a bit higher than their neighboring salons and spas in the 5th floor. Their service is purely lash extensions and they won't rip you off with the deal because they'd really tell you that it takes 42 strands of silk and not synthetic lashes for the Fancy Look and double the strands to get the Glamour Look.
I was happy at my Groupon deal with Lavish Lash Studio because they have kept the promise that it was really 50% off the published rate of the Fancy Look lash extension and because they have kept really honest and modest sharing the most valuable information any girl would need to know who desire to have lash extensions. I was given a note card on how to care for my lash extensions and numbers to call for any problems I may encounter. It was a feel-good lash extension service and I could not compare to others because it was my first time. I have to say though that for the first timers, it's really better to have the Fancy Look lash extensions to better adjust your usual habit of unconsciously scratching your whole eye when tired. 
I would definitely recommend Lavish Lash Studio for lash extensions and better to have any service offered with Groupon because it saves you a lot of money. Groupon really gives you the Sweetest Deals. 
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For more information:
Lavish Lash StudioSM Megamall Studio, 5th Floor, Building A, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, call +632.666.4175