Event: Figaro launches Pinoy Herbal Blends!

Filipinos should really be proud of their own tea blends. Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company is now more than just coffee when it launched their Herbal Blends last Saturday at Figaro Emerald branch. 
Attended by Figaro executives and selected members of the media, Figaro's launch of the Herbal Blends served delicious lunch varieties from their new Spoon Meals. I chose the Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce served with a hot cup of brewed coffee while the others had the Chicken Ala King
We were also served their Cioccolato Morsi and other Figaro desserts while waiting for the Herbal Blends. It was heavenly biting into the chocolate cake of Cioccolato Morsi and it's actually cheap at  P119/box. 
The first blend was Banaba infused with tarragon, anise and grapes. It's sweet and fruity. Banaba roots and leaves used by elders to lower the sugar level. The fact that it aides in blood and sugar level inspired me to serve it to my son. 
Lagundi Herbal Blend was the hot cup of tea infused with mint and orange. It was a cold and rainy Saturday and it soothed my senses. This reminded me of my elder neighbors' who serve me boiled Lagundi leaves when I get sick. Lagundi is believed to treat common cough, bronchial asthma chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis. The tea was surprisingly delicious with orange and mint and it made me happy thinking I need not think of what to mix with Lagundi leaves to make it this delicious because the blend of orange and mint was perfect for clearing nasal congestion. 
Pito Pito Herbal Blend was their hot cup of tea infused with Dill and Mango. This reminded me of my mom who'd always listen to Ernie Baron when I was young and how Pito Pito (seven herbs and plants: alagaw, banaba, bayabas, pandan, mangga, anise and cilantro) was the cure for all diseases featured in the radio show. I thought it was an ingenious idea to bring back Pito Pito in the midst of imported tea blends these days to re-introduce the indigenous and very popular tea blend which originated in the Philippines. The taste wasn't as appealing as Banaba and Lagundi but the benefits it bring will make you want to patronize this Herbal Blend.
The last served was this Sambong Herbal Blend - a hot cup of tea infused with basil and lemon. It's light and really refreshing and it reminded me of my spa experiences. Sambong is a popular herb from elders treating colds, sinuses and migraines. This was my favorite among all the Figaro Herbal Blends because it's not sweet and the taste was light and fruity. According to Annesy Del Mundo, PR of Figaro, Sambong is an effective diuretic agent dissolving kidney stones. This is actually great news for those with kidney problems and those simply wanting a healing drink in the middle of a cold and rainy day. 
Figaro also introduced their new coffee brews with Monte Alto, Cafe Vigoroso, Cafe Maharlika and Barako Gold
It was fun and inspiring attending the launch of Figaro Herbal Blends. The variety of Herbal Blends made me proud to be Filipino and reminded me of our very own concoctions that had proven really effective on all types of ailments. Now Figaro is not just one coffee shop serving pasta, sandwiches, rice dishes, pastries and Frosts. When I feel like eating pasta and sandwiches under the weather, I can now head to any Figaro branch to enjoy meals and rejuvenate from the colds and headaches. Figaro does not just fill you with food because with their new Herbal Blends, they will provide you with the relief you need to get back on your feet again. 
Try Figaro's Herbal Blends, Banaba, Lagundi, Pito Pito and Sambong today at all branches. 


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