A heartwarming visit at the set of 100 Days to Heaven

If every moment would be a moment with God, I'd never miss it and I will always live each moment like it's my last. Not everyday do I attend blogger events that prayers and reflection on God's blessings was emphasized. I've just attended a visit at the set of ABS-CBN's 100 Days To Heaven to premiere on May 9, 2011 and I did not expect to cry. It was tears of compassion and joy after having a heartwarming interview with Ms. Coney Reyes sharing her thoughts and insights about the teleserye enlightening me and my fellow bloggers about what most Filipinos need today - hope. I fold and easily shed tears at discussions about poverty, children and life's drama. 
100 Days to Heaven stars  Ms. Coney Reyes,  Xyriel Manabat, Mr. Joel Torre, Mr. Noel Trinidad, Mark Gil, Spanky Manaloto, Jodi Sta. Maria, Dominic Ochoa, Valerie Concepcion, Rafael Rosell, Neil Coleta(the cute funny guy at Nestea Commercial) and the popular child stars, Mutya, Xyriel Manabat, Zaijan Jaranilla and the newest star to soon captivate the mothers and the kids, Louisse Abuel as Kevin. It is a story of second chances, friendship and faith. 100 Days To Heaven centers on the life of Anna Manalastas played by both Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat (as the young Anna). She is a mean and shrewd businesswoman who developed a habit of terminating employees and insulting all she bumps into. With her sudden death, she realizes that she is about to go to Hell and strikes a deal with the Gate Keeper (played by Noel Trinidad) to gain a chance to enter the gates of Heaven to undo all the things she had done wrong. She has only 100 days to undo wrongdoings but as her seven year old self. 
We had a chance to see the location of the house where they shot the first two weeks episode and reflected how the life of Anna (played by Xyriel Manabat) was with Kevin (Louise Abuel), Sophia (Jodi Sta.Maria), Jopet (Neil Coleta), Bruce (Smokey Manaloto) and Andres (Joel Torre) in a shanty in Quezon City. What moved me the most was the intimate interview moment with Ms.Coney Reyes where she explained how she had experienced struggles and life's lessons. She was grateful for all the opportunities ABS-CBN continues to offer. I cried at moments she expressed sympathy over many of our fellow Filipinos face today, how she feels about God's infinite blessings and at the most significant moment of all - when she prayed for all of us bloggers who covered the event asking God to guide us all in our endeavors. I have not met any actor/actress as inspiring as Ms. Coney Reyes in my life and I'm truly grateful. To date, it still melts my heart to thank God for having the opportunity to meet her last night and I will forever cherish the moment for the rest of my life. 
Thank you Ms. Coney Reyes for the inspiration and I will definitely pay forward by sharing Jesus and His Words to all people I know. I will never miss watching 100 Days To Heaven because I want to keep living each moment praising the Lord for his infinite blessings. Do watch ABS-CBN's 100 Days To Heaven directed by Malu L. Sevilla starting May 9! Share every episode's life's lessons to your children and give hope to all. Love.,Learn and Live at 100 Days To Heaven!


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