Everyone should watch 100 Days To Heaven starting May 9

I believe in the power of miracles just as I believe in love and second chances. I've just attended the press screening of ABS-CBN's 100 Days To Heaven last night with fellow bloggers and was excited at the story. From the makers of "May Bukas Pa", ABS-CBN will soon air 100 Days To Heaven starring Ms. Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat. Among the celebrities who attended were my idol, Mr. Joel Torre, Mr. Noel Trinidad, Mark Gil, Spanky Manaloto, Jodi Sta. Maria, Dominic Ochoa, Valerie Concepcion, Rafael Rosell, Neil Coleta(the cute funny guy at Nestea Commercial) and the popular child stars, Mutya, Xyriel Manabat, Zaijan Jaranilla and the newest star to soon captivate the mothers and the kids, Louisse Abuel as Kevin.
The theme song, "Mahiwaga" performed by Fatima Soriano (the blind singer who sings at Fr. Suarez and Fr. Orbos homily) was already heartwarming until I've watched the first week of the program, 100 Days To Heaven. The story of second chances, friendship and faith in 100 Days To Heaven centers on the life of Anna Manalastas played by both Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat (as the young Anna). She is a mean and shrewd businesswoman who developed a habit of terminating employees and insulting all she bumps into. With her sudden death, she realizes that she is about to go to Hell and strikes a deal with the Gate Keeper (played by Noel Trinidad) to gain a chance to enter the gates of Heaven to undo all the things she had done wrong. She has only 100 days to undo wrongdoings but as her seven year old self. 
From her famous teleserye roles in "Ysabella" and "Rubi", veteran actress Coney Reyes really fits the role of Anna in 100 Days To Heaven along with child superstar, Xyriel Manabat. She projects the strong and mean businesswoman from a history of being raised in a cold father played by Mark Gil. I was crying the moment they showed the first scene and was excited to know what brought the conflict between the character of Dominic Ochoa as Bobby and Coney Reyes as Anna. It made me reflect on many things about my own life, how she manages to live a life never trusting anyone after what had happened to her. 
The series aims to remind both the young and the old of the important values that the children of today may have neglected. I truly applaud the concept of showing how parents are so important in molding the child's perspective. What had happened to the character was a result of how she was raised as a child and what had happened to the parents of Anna was a result of what happened to their relationship. This should be watched by everyone to make us all realize that children should be properly guided at all times in all their endeavors. The scenes on how the young Anna was neglected and ignored in the first episodes should be watched by the mothers to make them realize the type of learners they will mold.
I loved the character of Jodi Sta.Maria playing as Sophia as she tries to help her brother Kevin (played by Louise Abuel) because it reminded me of the constant struggles my students face in school. I have so much compassion to rowdy and irate students who will later unveil their deepest secrets like that of the character of Sophia (con artist/swindler/scammer). 100 Days To Heaven teaches hope, humility and best of all, faith in God which parents rarely explain to children in detail these days. I am looking forward to the episode where popular stars like Gloria Romero, Sam Milby, Pokwang and others will feature in the next scenes. 
Live. Love. Cry and Pray at 100 Days To Heaven. Reflect on life and God's love everyday starting May 9 at ABS-CBN's Primetime directed by Malu L. Sevilla.