Event: Pampers salutes Moms with Vina Morales

Moms deserve the utmost respect and tribute not just on Mother's Day but all year through. I've just attended the Pamper's Salutes Moms launch at the Crowne Plaza Galleria today reflecting on my own memories with my son and how I've managed to take care of him since birth. The event was done in partnership with Hobbes & Landes, Gymboree, The Picture Company, The Spa and The Medical City pampering guests with delightful treats for themselves and their babies with comprehensive short talks on the importance of sleep, infant skin care, post-pregnancy pampering and capturing significant mom and baby moments and more inspirational stories from the special celebrity guest, Ms. Vina Morales.
I really enjoyed with moms and their babies at the event and it reminded me of my son's baby habits on sleeping while the short talks were being discussed about it. I couldn't help myself but borrow someone else's baby just to touch those small little hands and gagged to make the baby smile.
Funny how the babies I've tried carrying became so comfortable in my arms that they all fell asleep. One of the grandmother was surprised how his grandchild played with me since he was always choosy about people who wants to carry him. She said that I probably had "a mother's instinct" resembling the real mother's affection that the baby never wanted to leave my arms.
Sleep is one of the ways moms can help encourage their infant's development according to Dr. Jacqueline Navarro of The Medical City. It is the most essential factors affecting the growth and development of the child and all mothers should know that infants up to 6 months require more than 14 hours of sleep to better grow, heal body tissues, learning and processing memory and central nervous system repair. I've seen babies wary of the surroundings and kept crying because of lack of sleep. Play is another way for parents to help support baby's development and Hobbes and Landes, the unique specialty store created to enhance family moments gave recommendations on toy selections from their Tiny Blessings Pavilion including the award-winning sleep toys, Sleep Sheep to go and Gentle Giraffe to go.
Experts from Gymboree Play and Music showed selected moms how to sing and play with the babies to help spur development. They introduced the Mirror Tummy Time, an activity that helps infants in their physical development by strengthening the muscles in their neck and back and Sensory Prop exploration to help promote brain development for babies, singing games and movements to help them learn body awareness.
Soon after, moms learned more knowledge about skin care for newborns with Dr. Ma. Lourdes Palmero, a Pediatric Dermatologist Consultant of The Medical City identifying two most common skin care problems of infants- cradle cap and diaper dermatitis. Cradle cap or seborrhoeic dermatitis is an inflammatory condition of the scalp, where thick grassy scales appear on the baby's scalp. This can be caused by yeast growing on the scalp or increased hormones from the moms which results to greater activity on the oil glands of the baby's scalp. I remembered my own son's scalp that time that I used to carefully scrape with my own fingers and my granddaughter from my niece suffering from diaper rash. I felt relieved using Pampers then that really helped ease diaper rash. Pampers Stages New Baby is especially designed to keep baby's skin healthy and comfortable because of its softest ever cottony cover plus a hypo-allergenic lotion with aloe extract that cares for baby's delicate skin.
Before the introduction of the special guest, mommies and the media were treated to a delicious lunch buffet by Crowne Plaza Galleria.
I was still enjoying sampling the array of dessert choices in the buffet when they've introduced Ms. Vina Morales.  Being a Pampers Active Baby Ambassador, she agreed that Pampers Active Baby was great at keeping her almost 2-year old daughter Ceana dry so she could enjoy playtime. Pampers Active Baby was even voted no.1 when it comes to dryness by Filipino moms. We all witnessed the live demonstration called the Pampers Dryness Challenge putting baby's current diaper to the test versus Pampers Active Baby with selected moms. Pampers Active Baby really absorbed the water poured faster and it was the only diaper who stayed completely dry, even after 150ml of water was poured into it and pressure in the form of weights were applied.
Finally, Andrea Dumangcas, Marketing Manager of The Spa shared tips on post-pregnancy pampering and the need for moms to have "me-time" to maintain well-being. She recommended women to put aside half an hour while the baby is asleep for their own beauty care. Feeling good about themselves will better exude a positive attitude which the babies will imbibe. She also advised moms to do "bust" exercises and gently exfoliating around the bust area once a week to improve skin texture. The Picture Company was also there to share information on their services and packages, including the Annual Membership which allows families to enjoy unlimited portrait sessions.
Goody bags and raffle prizes were given away from different partners and I was so happy winning an annual membership to Gymboree which I hope to share with my granddaughter and a gift certificate from one of my favorite The Spa. Pampers and its partners in "Pampers Salutes Moms" campaign will also be launching a nationwide promo starting May 19 to allow moms all over the country to choose from a menu of exciting offers and discounts from Hobbes & Landes, Gymboree Play & Music, The Picture Company and The Spa for every P1000 purchase of Pampers.
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