Event: Fashion Watch Quartet 2011 features Lulu Tan-Gan and JC Buendia

Fashion knits and sexy formal wear are always timeless. I've just attended Fashion Watch Quartet 2011 featuring Lulu Tan-Gan and JC Buendia at the Makati Shangrila Hotel last Thursday and amazed at how knits and formal wear can be so unique and sexy. I've loved Lulu Tan-Gan creations since I was young. I remember saving money just to buy a few outfits when I was in college because I really loved the simple and classic tank tops and boleros. 
Contrary to the notion that knits are puffy and boring, Lulu Tan-Gan had up the ante on knitwear with thin fabrics sure to fit the hot and humid weather these days. Light pink, light green and light brown shades that enhances the shape of dresses and blouses would make me look thinner with my chubby form. I'm so excited to head to the Tan-Gan Megamall Branch. 
And who said you can't wear knitted shorts? This pair with such unique details on sleeves looked very comfortable with their thin knits in colorful and bright sunny hues. It's simple and yet it's elegant. 
JC Buendia's collection for Fashion Watch Quartet 2011 confirmed that he is indeed the master of quiet and exact tailoring. Being the famous designer to both Presidents Arroyo and Aquino and newly-elected President of Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines, JC Buendia continues to dazzle with his creations well-applauded by the socialites and the dignitaries who attended the event. 
Classic black and white suits in sleeves and sleeveless. I really awed at the intricate detailed barongs for both men and women in perfect tailoring.  Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez was among the celebrities who witnessed the breathtaking fashion show.
Fashion Watch 2011 is a project of CFDP (Council of Fashion Designers of the Philippines) to run from April to November, 2011. Each week will feature the collection of two designers back-to-back to unveil magnanimous Filipino craftsmanship to be held at the lobby of the prestigious Shangrila Makati Hotel
The series will feature 19 of the country's most notable designers, each showcasing a brand new collection. Each designer to Fashion Watch Quartet will exclusively showcase their Holiday collection early on in the year which means you won't see their collection on any other fashion show series. The Spring/Summer collection will be shown towards the latter part of the year like the fashion timetables abroad. They will also be staging special shows as several internationally known ASEAN designers will be flown in to display their own creations to the Filipino public soon. Besides an A-list roster of designers, models and media partners, The Philippine Star, Preview, StyleBible, and StarWorld, Fashion Watch Quartet boasts of industry greats working behind-the-scenes like Patrick Rosas and his team for the hair and make-up, Grace Molina as Project Coordinator and Director and Manila's Prince of Fashion, Inno Sotto as Creative Director. 
Don't miss the series with our top designers JC Buendia, Jerome Lorico, Jun Escario, Philip Rodriguez, Patrice Ramos-Diaz, Gian RomanoLulu Tan-Gan, Joey Samson, Ivarluski Aseron, Dennis Lustico, OJ Hofer, Arcy Gayatin, Ito Curata, Joel Escober, Alex Bitong, James Reyes, Ferdi Abuel, Norman Noriega, and Jojie Lloren. Fashion Watch 2011 is presented by Olay, Makati Shangrila Hotel, Philippine Star, Preview Magazine, StarWorld and StyleBible.Ph in cooperation with major sponsors BMW and Metro Pacific Investments.
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