Event: Anne Curtis and Gina Alajar join ANC's "Kinse" indie films

Human rights should be every Filipino's advocacy. I've just been reminded yesterday how important it is to help spread awareness about human rights attending ANC's launch of "Kinse", a powerful collection of four to six-minute short films on human rights by 15 of the Philippines' finest filmmakers at ELJ Building in ABS-CBN.

"Kinse" boasts of 15 to filmmakers who joined the follow-up project to last year's "amBisyon2010" featuring 15 stories to put a stop to different kinds of abuses being experienced by most Filipinos. It actually reminded me of one of our student in school being abused by her own stepfather featured by Pinky Webb in XXX last year after watching the trailer and TV Plug about "Lilet".

The most acclaimed directors who joined the ANC's crusade include Erik Matti, Carlos Siguion-Reyna, Mark Meily, Aureaus Solito, Raymond Red, Jim Libiran, Jon Red, Richard Somes, Ato Bautista, Kiri Dalena, Rey Gibraltar, Raymond Amonoy, Kidlat Guia, Nico Puertollano and Paolo Villaluna who offered their time and talents pro bono (for free) for this project.

Media participants were treated to a delicious lunch buffet while the directors answered questions about the making of the films.
Anne Curtis played one of the stars featured in the film about rights to expression. She actually portrayed a character wanting to have the freedom to strip and not be judged about it. It was quite interesting and I am really excited to have the whole series in DVD soon. Angel Aquino who also starred in one of the films plays a character of a battered woman in which conflict and particular circumstance I have yet to discover. I have also yet to watch the role Gina Alajar played in the film playing as the mother of Anne in Erik Matti's indie film. Executive producer Patricia Evangelista enlightened us all about the experiences and how each film was so difficult to produce. She shared to us how each filmmaker was given creative freedom and funding by ANC, Springfilm Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with the support of the Commission on Human Rights to accomplish "Kinse". The series will feature a wide array of issues about domestic violence, media harassment, extrajudicial killings, children and women's rights, indigenous rights and justice.

Palanca-awardee Jim Libiran made the "Batch 2011" a story of young men entering "brotherhood" as a way to tell the graduates of this generation to protect democracy. Erik Matti made a film defending the rights to live freely in his opus featuring Anne Curtis and Gina Alajar.
Paolo Villaluna, who co-created "amBisyon2010" with Evangelista last year, will show a story of a little boy whose life was cut short because society didn't approve of his sexual preference. I laughed out loud although I was more curious about Raymond Amonoy's film since the TV Plug kept repeating his introduction as a filmmaker. "Kinse" is part of ANC's year-long celebration of its 15 years telling the nation's stories. The full-length film set to be released later this year would also be one significant movie to watch.
"Kinse" will have a by-invitation theatrical premier at the Tanghalang Aurelio V. Tolentino (CCP Little Theater) on Thursday, May 19, 2011. I really hope that "Kinse" will be shown in ABS-CBN or at least available in DVD so the public schools can actually use the material teaching human rights to students because "Kinse" was surprisingly rated PG by the MTRCB.
ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel will also air a six-part TV special on "Kinse" hosted by actress and women's rights advocate Angel Aquino beginning Monday (May 23, 2011), 9:30pm on SkyCable Ch.27. Get to know more about the films and the directors at www.kinse.tv.
More news: The Human Rights Defenders Tulip calls for nominations for Human Rights Defenders Tulip 2011 presented by the Dutch government to an individual who has shown exceptional courage in protecting and promoting the rights of fellow citizens. The winner will receive a bronze statuette of the Human Rights Defenders Tulip and possible funding for a human rights project. Winners are also invited to participate in a tour of Europe. For more information, contact the secretariat of Human Rights Defenders Tulip, Chris Collier by email (secretariat@humanrightstulip.org), or call +310634936026