Bonakid Pre-School serenades moms with "Salamat Inay"

My best friend is my mom and I will never miss saying I love her even after Mother's Day. Bonakid Pre-School paid tribute to moms with a surprise serenade at Market Market Taguig to acknowledge their love and guidance. Moms strolling in the mall were so happy as singers bearing roses suddenly appeared and serenaded them with a heart-touching song, "Salamat Inay", sung by children and teens. They have expressed their gratitude to mothers who have raised their kids ready to face the world - ang batang may tibay at may laban sa buhay.
Our kids actually get their strength from us, mothers. Children need stronger bodies and a strong character to help them face the world. Bonakid Pre-School believes that the process of building children's character and teaching them the right values should begin in pre-school as it is the time when children first get to interact with the outside world. During these formative years, mothers play a significant role in molding the values that will serve as the foundation of a child's character.
To better prepare the children to face the outside world, they really need strong bodies. Good nutrition must always be a mother's priority. I have always taught my niece to make my granddaughter eat healthy and variety of nutritious food rich in immunity boosting nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc and Beta-Carotene.
Bonakid Pre-School contains all these nutrients to help give a strong and resilient body. It has Tibay Boosters, a combination of nutrients that help support the immunity, protection and physical growth of children. Plus, it has Lutein, a nutrient which helps protect developing eyes.
A mother's guidance is the driving force that shapes the child's character and well-being. "So this Mother's day, Bonakid Pre-School is saying salamat Inay...Salamat sa walang sawang pagmamahal at pagbibigay-tibay sa inyong mga anak.Dahil sa inyo, maraming bata ang lumalaking may tibay at may laban sa buhay," said Aubrey Allarde, Product Manager of Bonakid Pre-School.
Mother's love and Bonakid Pre-School for batang may laban sa buhay. I almost cried again after watching the serenade. To watch the Bonakid Pre-School surprise Mother's Day serenade, just log on to