Blog and Soul Event: My Reflections about "Earning From Blogging"

Of pride and prejudice. I've just attended the Blog and Soul Event featuring the "Earning From Blogging" talk with Fitz Gerard Villafuerte, Trixie Esguerra and Joy Reynaldo last Sunday, April 30, 2011 at the Asian Institute of Management Meralco Caseroom. If the intention to blog is to earn money, there should definitely be a plan as discussed by Fitz. The plan should be so specific to hit the readers' attention. I started blogging because I teach journalism in high school and my students would constantly ask what my interests are after class. I've started promoting my blog two years ago although I've been blogging since 2004 without the intention of earning until I've realized the number of responses to my posts. 
Some people know how to increase traffic on their websites and earn from Google Adsense and blog advertisers like that of Nuffnang. Fitz discussed the number of ways to earn online and offline. Developing expertise with your passion will increase your readers but you may also opt to accept opportunities offline like what I've done so far. Personality and behavior may be a subjective opinion but in the Philippines, the patronage politics does not just exist in political arena, it is existent in all forms of all types of communities. The "entitlement issues" mentioned reminded me of how proud and mean the people I work with in the public schools undermining the potentials of others. As a member of the community, I've been exposed to all types of "this" forms in the blogging community and the public schools. The sense of pride Filipinos exude regardless of competence and skills implore the type of usual responses I've experienced in the event. 
What is true to one may not be true to all because our individual differences actually prerequisite our ingenuity in our passions. Like the speakers, I may share my experiences earning from blogging but my passion may differ from others and that will give a different result in earning. So, it's really best to explore your own potentials by defining and designing your own specific plan to earn. Accept your realities because what the others see in you is what you have shown publicly. Tact, responsibility and competence should be observed not just in blogging but in all activities.
Should bad manners and behaviors of bloggers be reprimanded? I believe that it should be discussed and shared to all bloggers because the innocent and ignorant majority may imbue the puny thought that what one does reflects the reputation of others. Marketing and PRs should be well-taught about social media and online media so as to avoid the common perennial problem of bad behavior of bloggers. What these sum up to is reflective of not just the online media but the Philippine culture we have all acquired. I will not declare what I do not want to exist. That was the principle I've kept these years. That's the title of my blog and that's what I will keep fostering with the compassion to help improve the lives of my students. I think therefore I am.
Thank you to Blog and Soul for the opportunity to join the event and reflect on my own blogging plans. The moderator, Juned Sunido had exuded the personality I've always wanted to acquire - calm, wise, amiable and more importantly impeccably competent as a blogger and as a person. Thank you also to fellow bloggers who helped organize the event, Karla Vanessa Redor, Sharlyne Ang and Chairell Winston Almendras. I can't wait to attend the next Blog and Soul event. I want to keep blogging and I want to keep my soul while doing it.


  1. Hi Jo, thanks for attending last saturday's session. :)

  2. thanks @Winston! I'm truly grateful to all of you!


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