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Studying should be a lifetime process. Teaching writing and constant writing on time-pressure actually deteriorates the potentials of a good quality composition. This, I have constantly reflected after reading my previous blog posts and evaluating my own vocabulary considering that I have to be at par with the newly-grads aiming for expertise in the field. I know I need help and I'm considering the factors that limits my desire to enroll and apply for a refresher course. Yesterday I have discovered a great and innovative way to keep up with my blogging skills with AheadPro
I have heard of AheadPro's LESSM ('Leadership Strategies for School Managers) from the memo posted in school and I truly agree that the need to re-train and re-evaluate English proficiency skills of not just school managers but teachers is a significant factor to help improve the literacy of Filipino youth today. Upon attending a short presentation about AheadPro headed by Mrs. Rossana Llenado, I've realized how much passion AheadPro shares the whole country trying to improve necessary skills to achieve their goal. From offering English proficiency skills courses, AheadPro advanced to providing every Filipino proper and comprehensive trainings in different fields of expertise. 
Mrs. Ericka Camille Santos Dela Cruz and Mrs. Rowena Gracie Cortez, Business Unit Managers of AheadPro also explained the different courses attuned with today's fast emerging technologies and demands like Online Training for courses offered either face-to-face or through the internet (webinars/online classes). They actually customize every program to suit the needs of every individual by conducting proper needs analysis and diagnostic tests. Compared to most learning centers I've heard and experienced during our in-service trainings required in schools, AheadPro utilizes the ideal procedures I've learned in college. Best of all, they offer free language proficiency, classroom-management and other courses for public school teachers in the hope of helping the community and uplift the standards of education today. 
I have so much respect for AheadPro after realizing that their services extend beyond business. Aside from reaching out to public schools and helping more students these days pass entrance tests in IELTS, TOEFL, college entrance examinations in prestigious universities, they also constantly communicate to the public by motivating the underprivileged and giving hope to the hopeless through special promotions and contests. I have witnessed the awarding of a young sick boy winning an IPad for writing the best essay about views on education. I was in tears listening to the mother who narrated their struggles to cope with the child's fight against his kidney problems. This was more than just business and the passion to hone learners' views on education is the utmost priority that AheadPro advocates. 
In a world where seniority rules over competence, I was inspired once again to reflect on my commitment in teaching and learning. I was humbled at AheadPro's advocacy to dedicate developing goal-driven, service-oriented professionals. They have comprehensively redefined the meaning of "service" which most businesses today offer in contrary. With their aim to help the youth and the professionals the tools necessary for competence, I have developed the desire once again to relearn, enhance and polish my own skills. My students have joined and experienced AheadPro on their test preparation for college and they have all passed. I am really interested and I know it's never too late.
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AheadPro, now caters to individuals, other private companies, and government agencies offering courses centered on English communication, business correspondence, leadership, management, supervisory skills development, call center training, sales and marketing, and customer service, now making training accessible to more professionals through the latest technology.
» Online Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
» Webinars
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Their fields of expertise:
Business English Skills Training (BEST)    
Review of English Grammar        
Conversational English                 
English in Customer Service       
Vocabulary Enhancement
Business Writing                                             
     Business Presentations                                               
English as a Second Language (ESL)          
   IELTS Review
   TOEFL Review
   Other tests
Mastery of the English Language Certification (MELC)
GoEnglish Global Opportunities through English
Leadership Strategies for School Managers (LESSM)
Teaching Strategies for Student Achievement (TESSA)

For more information:
AHEADPro  is located at 337 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Other Venues:
Robinson’s Galleria, Greenhills,Makati,  Tel: 433-9300,Cell: 0917-5009099,E-mail: or visit