Save 500 women in 5 days and join 2011's Tour of Hope! - These numbers may be a puzzle but Abbygale Arenas-De Leon, President of Bravehearts  moved us all today explaining what each signifies at the launch of the 2011's Tour of Hope-500: Going the Xtra Mile Against Cervical Cancer at ROX Bonifacio High Street attended by media and sponsors. The cycling tour that started in 2008 gained more support this time with more celebrities and sponsors gearing towards saving women from cervical cancer.
Tour of Hope, organized by Bravehearts in partnership with Team David's Salon and GlaxoSmithKline aims to provide cervical cancer vaccinations for 500 women during its 5-day cycling tour. The kick-off will be on May 28,2011 5am at the Trinoma Carpark to begin its first leg to Tarlac City.The first stop will be at the home of President Noynoy Aquino's ancestral house and Mount Pinatubo, where adventure-seeking 4x4 wheel drivers try their skils and hikers visit the crater.
At the pit stop, there will be a Lay Talk at Tarlac State University to raise awareness about cervical cancer and 100 women will be given free vaccination as per list of participants administered by the local government. Second leg will be Day 2 from Tarlac to San Fernando, La Union where the renowned La Union Botanical Garden is located  to pit stop at Dr. Mariano Marcos Memorial State University with a lay lecture again and another 100 women to benefit from the free vaccination. Day 3 will tour San Fernando, La Union to Vigan, Ilocos Sur to pit stop at Vigan Plaza and donate 100 women from the area. Day 4 will tour Vigan to Laoag to visit Juan Luna Shrine and head on to glimpse at the award winning Spolarium painter's life through vintage photographs and household artifacts. The Final Stop will be in Paoay, where bikers will get to the see the unique blend of Spanish, Chinese and architecture represented by Paoay Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The last leg of the tour will feature celebrity bikers like Matteo Guidicelli, Sen.Pia Cayetano, Marvin Kiefer, Rovilson Fernandez, Troy Montero, Aubrey Miles, Will Devaughn, Richie Hardin, Richard Herrera, Janna Victoria, Jeena Lopez, Gem Padilla - Thomas, Anthony Pangilinan and David Charlton. They will be lending their star power to draw attention to a good cause providing 12 free vaccines to selected beneficiaries. In addition to that, Tessa Prieto-Valdes will also be working on a special project to help raise funds for cervical cancer prevention.
So, what do the numbers mean?
2- is the number signifying that Cervical Cancer is the Number 2 killer Cancer among women all over the world. It has no symptoms and any woman of any age can actually have it.
80- is the number representing 80% women will get HPV(Human Papilloma Virus) in their lifetime, the virus that causes Cervical Cancer.
12 - is the most important number of all as 12 women in the Philippines actually die of Cervical Cancer EVERYDAY. That's how severe the problem is and we should really be involved in raising awareness about the disease.
5 - is also another significant number representing the number of years from diagnosis. Within 5 years, more than half the women diagnosed won't survive Cervical Cancer. It's quite alarming but it's a fact we should all contemplate.
Every woman is actually at risk. Philippines is a country where cervical cancer claims 3,807 women every year and the need to fight this deadly but preventable disease continues to draw attention. Since the Tour of Hope in 2008, Bravehearts with Cervical Cancer Prevention Network (CECAP) generated Php 2 million through sponsorships and pledges and had provided programs and lectures to raise awareness among Filipinos.
New sponsors include Josiah's Catering, Geiser-Maclang, EON, MALDITA, CECAP, Cancer Institute Foundation, Personi-fi, Francis M, Primer, Island Souvenirs, Health Today Magazine, Belle de Jour, Bisaya Ispesyal, FitFlop, David's Salon, Quota International, The Medical Observer, The 3000 Club, Loalde, and GlaxoSmithKline. Join the Tour of Hope on May 28, 2011! There will also be a mini-Tour of Hope on May 7, 2011 so please visit their Facebook page here or visit for more details. Register to participate for Tour of Hope at ROX Bonifacio High Street. Let us all save 500 women in 5 days!

Bravehearts is a non-profit organization initially led by the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network (CECAP) for the Cancer Institute Foundation (CIF). It is dedicated to raising awareness on cervical cancer prevention and is supported by a growing number of women, including prominent personalities such as Abbygale Arenas-de Leon, who is the current president of the organization, Senator Loren Legarda, Pia Magalona, Ellen Tordesillas, Tessa Prieto – Valdes, Jeena Lopez, Maimai Davao, Joyette Jopson, and Suzi Entrata. For further inquiries, please email To be a part of The Tour of Hope 2011 – 500: Going the Xtra Mile Against Cervical Cancer, please email Joyette Jopson at or contact her at 0917-8827352.