Review: Ka Lui's Restaurant is still the best

Day 7 -April 17, 2011. We were so hungry after a long day at the Puerto Princesa Underground River and I was surprised by Mrs. Bundal's text that we were reserved seats at Ka Lui in Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It was always difficult to get a seat in this restaurant flocked by foreign and local tourists because of their wonderful set meals.
Our reservation was at 8:30pm but we were accommodated at 8:20pm seeing I'm quite difficult to wait walking with a cane. The place looked different with new renovations again but still holding guests in barefoot. Customers really need to take off their shoes as the restaurant floors were clean and polished. The nipa hut structure with bamboo floors and ceilings was also renovated with fresh fruits as decors. The art sculptures and paintings were also different. I used to remember washing my hands in their very large shell basin with bamboo faucets but now it's really different. There was no menu to look at during my first visit and guests will just be surprised with the set meals at P125/pax inclusive of prawns, fish, seafood dishes, vegetables, seaweed appetizers, soup, rice and delectable dessert.
We ordered the KaLui Special Set Meal of the Day (P395/good for two inclusive of Fish Steak, Prawns, Veggies of the Day, Fried Fish with Escabeche Sauce, rice and starters). I used to love that they serve fresh lobsters that go with the Set Meal but I can't wait to be surprised with that they have to offer. We also ordered Fresh Fruit Shakes, my son had Mango Fruit Shake (P60/glass) thick fresh ripe mango puree served in a tall glass garnished with a slice of watermelon.
I ordered an Avocado Fruit Shake (P60/glass) fresh ripe avocado puree served in a tall glass garnished with a slice of watermelon.
I was happy with my avocado fruit shake (P60) because it's thick and not too sweet. The first course of the meal was the Halaan Soup.
I really loved the Seaweed Appetizer, fresh and crispy served with calamansi served on a small plate.
It's sweet, salty and sour fresh Seaweed unlike those sold in the markets in Manila. I don't really eat seaweeds but Ka Lui's seaweed was really clean and fresh.
This was their Fish Steak, fresh large tuna slice steak that's really mouth-watering and it melted in my mouth at the first bite. 
Their hot mountain rice was served in a small cup after they've served the Fish Steak. I was already enjoying my dinner contented with this until they served the Prawns.
Large prawns garnished with fresh green peppers on top. This was starting to get really heavy and I didn't know there were more dishes to come. 
Then, they served their Veggies of the Day, fresh and crunchy sliced pumpkins, okra, eggplant and red bell peppers sauteed with octopus bits. It was really delicious, I ate the whole dish. I couldn't breathe anymore having so much food and they had one more to come.
The last dish and I was already too full was this Fried Fish with Escabeche Sauce. Creative how they have fried it cutting the back, breading and frying it flipped open in such sweet and sour sauce. I could not distinguish what type of fish it was although it was similar to Tilapia but the taste and the fins had more color. I had to walk around exploring the whole restaurant so that I could finish this fish and I still have to give some space for dessert. I thought for P395/set meal for two, we'd have to order another dish to really satisfy me but I was too full at the 3rd dish, I felt like dozing with so much food.
Dessert was this Medley of Fresh Fruit slices served on a bowl of fresh young coconut drizzled with Muscovado sugar. I was afraid that the pineapples would be too sour but I was surprised biting at every fruit slice cold, crispy and really sweet. They needn't put the muscovado sugar but it added an extra sugar rush to complete the memorable dining experience.
A trip to Ka Lui's Restaurant in Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa Palawan was always unforgettable and I couldn't wait to go back. They have always surprised and filled me with joy with dishes that are delectable and really affordable. P395/set meal good for two and two orders of Fresh fruit shake at P60/each was a total of P515 with P75/service charge =P590. It was more than what I've paid for and I'd definitely recommend you'd reserve a seat before you visit this restaurant. I really pitied the families and foreign tourists who waited so long to be accommodated.
Reserve your seats and enjoy Filipino food. Ka Lui's Restaurant is located at 369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. You can ask any tricycle driver in the city to take you there, or you can phone them at (048) 433-2580 for directions and reservations. 
Book and reserve rooms at Bundal Inn at P300/fan room good for two or aircon room P700, please contact Mrs. Helen Dela Cruz Bundal, Landline: (6348)434-7626, Mobile Number:(6309088928206),Email:


  1. too bad we weren't able to try this in Palawan :(

  2. since my first visit in 1997, i never missed going to Ka Lui's! Don't ever forget to stop by but do reserve so you may not have to wait in line outside the restaurant!


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