My Reflections about Iblog7

Passion and responsibility should be focused and not trolls.
I've been invited by a close friend long time ago to attend Iblog but I've never attended until yesterday and today at UP Malcolm Theater. I arrived late on Day 1 because of work obligations but I was able to witness the talk of Howie Severino about's efforts to make blogging a part of the television network and how it influenced more viewers to become readers. I've asked how his documentaries can be included in the website but as expected, it was not his call although he was pleased by my request. I've enjoyed the talks of Ginger and EJ Arboleda of about Offline Marketing and how to earn from blogging being seated next to an old friend Manuel Viloria of and Noria Adam-Lim.
Upon listening to Ginger and EJ, I've suddenly remembered my purpose of writing my own blog in 2004. I used to simply post photos without content documenting my adventures and travails afraid of my own mother's nagging. I just wanted to document events and places I've been to better recommend them to friends and students. I never intended to make money out of my musings. As a school paper adviser always sending my students to contests, I just wanted to keep a record of my students' achievements to better prepare accomplishment reports at the end of the school year. Manuel Viloria had to endure me blabbing about my underprivileged students in Lagro High School and how I've always nagged the irresponsible parents affected their academic standing through the years. He had no choice but I had yapped for good intentions.
The lecturers were really helpful with all those tricks and tips to better market their blog and earn. I was already thankful to the information I've acquired the first day until my number was called in the raffle. I won an Enjoy Card! The lecture of Roy Dela Cruz of the Struggling Blogger was the most hilarious of all. Great humor in lectures is definitely the most effective way to get any message across. As a teacher also, I've related to the message of the last speaker Ria Tirazona sharing her blogging as a support system. I've blogged all this time about my own musings about the world, circumstances, raves and meaningful experiences hoping someone in the internet will appreciate my truest intentions, simply sharing. Trolls mentioned by Michael Rubio do not just exist online because I have similar circumstances working in an environment where few had passions in teaching. In a world where most defy humanity to earn and almost all will bully to get up the ladder in the public school system, competence is not considered but bullying.
Iblog7 gave me more inspiration to write more posts about my passion and renew my commitments to those I love most. I have always wanted to write to help others be informed. May the good intentions be paid forward. 
Thank you to Ms. Janet Toral for organizing the Iblog7: The Philippine Blogging Summit to better help the blogging community and the sponsors who never let anyone hungry,UP College of Law, TV5, GMA7, Samsung, Binalot, Vibal Publishing, P&G and others. I can't wait to attend the Iblog8!


  1. So happy to see you at the event Josephine. Look forward catching up with you soon.

  2. Thanks Ms. Janet!!! Hats off to you!


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