My 40th Birthday: Going to El Nido Palawan on a budget - Day 3

Day 3 - April 13,2011, It was my birthday and we've decided on Tour C after a  delicious free breakfast from Og's Beach Pension House (from the P800 fan room accommodation). We were told that the Og's Island Tours were going on another tour so we were referred to Ricson's near the Og's
Tour C (P900/pax) included free lunch with fruits and vegetables, free use of mask and snorkeling fins that should take you to Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Cadlao Lagroon and Culasa Beach. We had to wait until 9:30am for the other people who'd be joining the tour consisting of a British with his stepson and another relative. 
Four boys and a hag. We all swam through small holes to get to the Secret Beach and Hidden Beach and with my natural floating ability, I needed no life jacket to help me snorkel any place where we visited. 
I had a long chat with the three men in the tour with us and they seemed to have enjoyed the Secret Beach and the Hidden Beach with us. The Culasa Beach was named after a caretaker who stayed and died there which seemed pretty uncanny for me according to the boatmen who guided us. The Cadlao Lagoon was hard to recall since I don't remember that we ever stopped there. The Matinloc Shrine was just a mountain with stalactites and stalagmites we passed by. I was quite happy with the lunch served consisting of sauteed shrimps, grilled pork and a stewed fish. We were also served the usual Filipino cucumber tomato salad with a big plate of pre-cut fruits. The tour didn't serve any drinks but they had water so I was happy. 
Dining in front of a scenery that's so picturesque and a lovely European in skimpy bikini sun bathing is quite heavenly for the three men and my little boy(at 16) but I was so happy with how they've marinated the grilled pork in soy sauce that I've imagined using the fork with the lovely girl at the foreground. They've all told me about which places they've been while I was enjoying the apples, oranges and mango for dessert. 
The bicker in me awakened when one of the three men (the boyfriend of the British stepson) expressed the same wish to travel abroad after pursuing nursing. It was fun traveling with the three men going through different snorkeling sites we've visited. Tour C was the only boat tour I've not tried since most of the boatmen would refuse because it needed to travel to the open seas where the waves are dangerous. The price at P900/pax was due to the long travel to the islands to get to those secret and hidden beaches. I've seen wonderful aquarium and edible fishes and I was happy until we went back to pay for the tour fees. I was surprised to be charged for an extra P100 for the use of snorkeling mask and fins because the Og's Island Tours had it included in their fees free of charge. I had no choice since it was Ricson's Island Tours and not our resort's. I would never recommend Ricson's to anyone although they have the biggest boats with more tourists in their packages. I relieved myself of another P25 mango shake from the fruitstand at the back of Og's Beach Pension House and a P200 set meal from Og's Restaurant which consisted of a chicken adobo and a beef steak with rice and a slice of pineapple.
It was a wonderful day going to the Secret Beach and Hidden Beach with my son today although I wasn't happy with Ricson's.
For more information, Og's Beach Pension House is located at Brgy. Masagana, El Nido Palawan, for reservations, please call 09167070393.