My 40th Birthday: Going to El Nido Palawan on a budget - Day 5

Day 5 - April 15, 2011. My last day in El Nido, Palawan and we went on another boat trip after having a great time with the group of foreigners (Nok and the Austrian couple). The most recommended tour of the town was Tour A (P700/with free lunch and free use of snorkeling masks and fins) featuring the Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Simizu Island and 7 Commando Island. We've all decided to give more opportunities to smaller boats after having a bad experience with Ricson's Island Tours who owned the bigger boats in the island. Besides, Kuya Ronnie and Kuya Bining  from Og's Island Tours were still the best tour guides I've met after visiting El Nido, Palawan for the fourth time. They were well-trained doing the courtesy introduction at the beginning of the tour and telling stories about every stop.
On the way to the first stop, Kuya Ronnie (our friendly and thoughtful tour guide) taught Arnold (the Austrian guy) how to fish by "trolling". A fake fish bait is attached at the end of the long plastic line rolled in a wooden ring. Arnold was so interested so he held it pulling every now and then to try getting a catch while the boat was moving. After a long chat about our common ground- Celine Dion and me chanting prayers to the Goddess of Tuna, something moved the line that got us all excited. Oh my God! The slim chances of catching a fish led to a big Tuna fish catch. I couldn't help shouting for joy because the fish was really big.

I was so scared because it kept quirking to its last breath. Kuya Ronnie put the Tuna fish beside my son and locked the area with a life vest. Yes! The life vest killed the fish we would be eating later on.
I thought it was already a great day catching a great big Tuna fish but the Heavens might have prepared more with the first destination - the Simizu Island. The group went snorkeling around the islet seated on deep waters so I opted not to join. I was contented snorkeling on my own near the boat. I was surprised at one big yellow fish approaching my goggles and back like teasing me to follow. This was the moment I've felt regret not buying an underwater camera. It was such a great time playing with a yellow fish teasing me trying to tap my snorkeling mask. I was too happy and it totally rejuvenated the stress from the city.
Simizu Island
Lunch served was the grilled fresh Tuna fish we caught, rice, more grilled fish, vegetables and fruits. We had so much fish and it was difficult to eat all of them so we thought of leaving them for the boatmen. We went next to the Big and Small Lagoons. We were the only guests swimming in the lagoons and I had to sing to make the birds make noise not thinking whether my tour buddies enjoyed it. I was happy and thankful for the great opportunity to do another tour with them again.
It felt like heaven being with the happiest people for tour buddies and the scenes were just immaculate. The last stop was the 7 Commando Island where we had so much time to relax. The shores reminded me of how pristine clear waters Boracay was 11 years ago and the powdery white sand that makes the beach floor so soft to my feet, I dozed a bit until some other boats docked and captured my attention. 
Once again, when leaving the island to get back to Og's, Kuya Ronnie and Kuya Bining made us hats as a complimentary souvenir before leaving town. It was a lovely day going to those famous lagoons again and I would always want to go back hopefully not after so many years. Dinner was the usual P50 meal from the Lutong Bahay Carinderia at the resort and another P25 fruit shake from the fruitstand also at the back of our building. It was quite sad knowing we'd have to leave El Nido Palawan the next morning but I was happy I've gone to my most favorite place in the Philippines. My fourth time was just like my first, it was heaven!
For more information, Og's Beach Pension House is located at Brgy. Masagana, El Nido Palawan, for reservations, please call 09167070393.
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