Movie Review: THOR is a must-watch this year!

What is a Mjǫlnir?
I've just attended the first screening of THOR by Paramount Pictures sponsored by SM Cinema and Solar Entertainment Corporation last night at IMAX Theater SM City North EDSA. It reminded me of how many men I've read so aggressive on arguments and fights about trivial things. THOR is a movie about a powerful but arrogant warrior Thor, cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. It stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo and others based from the Marvel Comic character Thor Odinson as the Norse God of Thunder. Spotted in the movie event were celebrities like Anthony Pangilinan and his children and Mr. Wilson Tieng, Chairman of Solar Entertainment and RPN-9.
Spoiler Alert!
What is?
Under the great director Kenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth playing as THOR is another outstanding addition to the number of cinematic superhero we will always remember. I truly applaud the production design and the make-up for making THOR's character truly "Godly" as much as I've appreciated the computer graphics imagery done to the character of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) in the movie. It would really be better seen on 3D or IMAX Theaters which SM Cinema conveniently provides in almost all of their branches. I've also appreciated that this movie has an emotional depth compared to most hero animated films that I've watched (Batman has it but it implies darkness). The movie will make you hope and that I believe is a real good feeling towards the end. The movie made me admire the character THOR and the actor who played it - Chris Hemsworth, in so many ways. It made me feel hope and reflect more on values that it tries to teach throughout the film. It would be best to watch it with your own children, teens and younger to better understand what makes a great hero and a great father.
What's not?
Flawless! It's one of the movies I've watched where every detail completely contributed to captivating me to its emotion. I was truly moved by the story, the characters, the story and the computer graphics imagery.
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So what is it?Mjǫlnir  is the hammer of Thor, a major god associated with thunder in Norse mythology.
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