I love the Philippines in Discovery Channel's new Filipino version of Boom De Yada

The World is really awesome!
I love the Discovery Channel and I've always sung this song every chance I get. The Boom De Yada (The world is awesome) song, the popular station ID of Discovery Channel gave a Filipino version in support of the World Wide Fund for Nature celebrating the Earth Hour. Amazing Race Asia Season 2 Filipino team, Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson triggers the hum of song from a conversation of appreciating a picturesque scene from one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Philippines. This song made me want to love my country Philippines more like the lines, " I love to Go Green and teach them to the kids". It's another version that'll make you want to fervor lead more fellow Filipinos to care for the environment and appreciate every landscape featured. I really love the Philippines and it is indeed a brilliant place. Show your support by sharing this video to everyone you know and learn from the message it shows, Love the Philippines and care for our environment
Did you know? 
Crown of Thorns Starfish or COTS for short, have limbs covered in thorns, and resemble a crown - hence the name. COTS eat coral, and when they feed, they release a chemical that attracts more COTS to the area. A dinner-plate-sized adult can consume up to 65 square feet of coral in a year. It takes a lot of effort from local governments and the DENR to call for volunteers and NGOs to help clean the corals from these Crown of Thorns infesting the reefs these days and your awareness and involvement to the program of WWF will definitely help. I've seen this in my recent trip to El Nido, Palawan and it looked simple but this Crown of Thorns Starfish multiply because of the climate change/temperature change of our deep waters. The warmer the waters these days, the more these COTs will breed in our waters. Help Save our Philippines! Donate and share the word to anyone you know.