GMA-7 makes television history with new shows and programs this May 2011

GMA-7 ( unveils several top-notch programs this May 2011 including Secret Garden, Manny Pacquiao versus Shane Mosley, Munting Heredera, Blusang Itim, Andres de Saya, Sisid, Amaya, Playful Kiss, and My Chubby World.

I've always searched for the perfect black blouse worn by Snooky Serna in Seiko Films' "Blusang Itim" in 1988 and now it's one of the new shows lined-up this May in GMA-7 I can't wait to watch it after being  announced at the first blogger event at GMA-7 Network yesterday with Ms. Janet Toral and fellow lifestyle bloggers.
While waiting for other bloggers for the Studio Tour, I have expressed my admiration once again to the Editor of GMA News.TV, Mr. Howie Severino. He was one of the speakers at Iblog7 last month. At 2pm, we headed the studios with the accommodating receptionists at the lobby. We were guided with history and trivia at every area visited. The historic staircase remade from the original staircase built in 1950's from the founders of GMA-7 Network was always the venue of popular shows and press conferences shown on tv.
After the studio tour, we were treated to a simple and private presscon complete with delicious Filipino light meals, pansit, lumpiang ubod, okoy, puto and a great refreshing sago at gulaman drink.
 I've watched GMA-7 from the beginnings of Student Canteen with Coney Reyes, Eddie Ilarde, and Helen Vela and Penthouse Live with Martin and Pops in the 80's. 31 years after, with their blockbuster, The Baker King comes the newest top-rating, Secret Garden featuring Hwang Jini, Ha Ji-Won and Hyun Bin on May 2, 2011 right after "I Heart You Pare" in GMA Telebabad.
The Philippines will celebrate on May 8, 2011 with Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley fight to be exclusively aired on GMA-7. They will also launch the family drama for the year, Munting Heredera with esteemed veteran actress Gloria Romero. Joining the award-winning actress are Roderick Paulate, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Camille Prats, Katrina Halili and the new talents, Mona Louise Re, Kyle Daniel Ocampo and Barbara Miguel. Munting Heredera will air on GMA Telebabad on May 9.
My most awaited soap, Blusang Itim will premiere on GMA Dramarama sa Hapon on May 16, 2011 with Kylie Padilla, Frank Magalona and Wynwyn Marquez. Joining the program will be Carl Guevarra, Gary Estrada, Rita Aila, Jackielou Blanco and Marissa Delgado. The Filipino movie classic that led Vic Vargas to stardom, Andres De Saya will soon hit the television screens played by Cesar Montano and Iza Calzado. It will air on Saturdays starting May 28, 2011. Starting May 30, GMA will launch the network's unbeatable afternoon drama block further with Sisid starring Jackie Rice, Dominic Roco and JC Tiuseco. The story is about pearl-diving, greed and innocent love. Shot in the beaches of Batangas, the series revolves around a precious pearl believed to give riches and true love to its owner.
GMA-7's biggest television production in history, Amaya will start on May 30, 2011 with Primetime Queen Marian Rivera with Glaiza De Castro, Sid Lucero, Mikael Daez, Rochelle Pangilinan and many others. Another Koreanovela to premiere this May is Playful Kiss, a TV series based on a popular Japanese manga. It tells of how a beautiful yet clumsy girl, played by Jung So Min, possibly gets a chance with a perfect but cold-hearted guy, portrayed by Kim Hyun Joong, with the help of a playful kiss. This would be another addition to the Koreanovela favorites we will never miss. My Chubby World to begin on May 14, is a kiddie show hosted by Renz Valerio, Zyrael jestre, Daniela Jessica Amable and Gianne Cutler. The show will air every saturday with cute and bubbly hosts about a set of top 7 things that kids are very much interested in. Quite interesting yet very educational, My Chubby World will soon captivate the hearts of kids and mommies as well. GMA News and Public Affairs on the other hand will air GROUND ZERO: Sa Gitna ng Nagbabagang Mundo tomorrow (May 1) at SNBO - an environmental documentary on one of nature's big events - earthquakes.
Another of GMA-7's outstanding documentaries that all children and students should watch to better understand the natural phenomenon. Vicky Morales and a team of GMA's senior reporters travel from Luzon to Mindanao to find out which cities and provinces are at risk to natural hazards. Also to watch from the GMA News and Public Affairs is Sabadabadog- an educational show for children set to premiere by the latter part of May, to be hosted by Tonipet Gaba together with four friendly mascots. Finally, GMA News TV will air the beatification ceremonies Blessed: John Paul II from 4:00-6:30pm on Sunday, that's tomorrow (May 1, 2011) and will rerun the highlights from 10-11pm. Preceding the highlights at 8:45pm is a documentary on the late pontiff's life entitled John Paul the Great: A Pope Who Made History, summarizing the extraordinary life of one of the 21st century's greatest men, Karol Wojtyla, and how he reshaped the papacy from 1978 when he took over the seat of St. Peter up to the day he died in 2005. 
Among all shows lined-up for May at GMA-7, I'm really looking forward to Blusang Itim, being a Snooky Serna fan for years and Andres De Saya because I really wished for a perfect black blouse when I was young (regardless of the magical powers it brings) and I've anticipated the image of Cesar Montano, who never projected an underdog in any movie I've watched. The roles they'd play will really be interesting. Kylie Padilla, one among the beautiful daughters of Robin Padilla would be so interesting to observe how she'd outplay the role famous to Snooky in the past. There's more to the blouse but I wonder how the black blouse would look compared to how it looked before. What do you think?


  1. OMG nanay! Si Howie Severino!!! Waah!

  2. God is indeed merciful! I've met him twice this year and he is really awesome! Thanks Jezia!


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