Event: Watch Goddesses lose control over Axe Provoke

You really need to spray on AXE to get these goddesses out of control.  I've just attended the media launch of AXE Provoke at Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia last night witnessing how the goddesses would appear from nowhere.
Sushi, variety of Maki, dumplings, fries, calamares and other pica-pica primarily caught my attention and Taste Asia did a creative presentation serving them in many areas of the event complete with variety of sauces to dip. When I had a second helping of all the dishes served, we were all asked to be inside the runway for the presentation. 
The party started with the host calling the attention of all the men in the house. She asked how some men dazzle women their pick-up lines and how it was effective or not in their lives.  Blogger friends Eric and Vince were interviewed. As expected, the responses were not too effective and we were all surprised to watch goddesses appear in the event to those who were interviewed. The host sprayed on AXE Provoke and all these beautiful women appeared from within. It was quite a surprise how the goddesses appeared when we have not seen them anywhere in the place until AXE Provoke was sprayed.
Men started flocking the ramp as the models dazzle spraying on AXE Provoke. It wasn't a surprise that the men became so excited and suddenly loud. These beautiful goddesses will be launching AXE Provoke in SM Mall tours. They'd be sweeping the cities one SM Supermarket at a time, picking out some lucky mortal men to receive their very own AXE Provoke. From AXE Dimension, Dark Temptation, Twist and MusicStar comes the new sensual scent in AXE Provoke.  I had a great time enjoying how goddesses appear with the scent of AXE Provoke last night.
Men will go ga-ga over this new scent of AXE especially with these beautiful goddesses. Catch them one by one appearing in malls and supermarkets nationwide. All you need to look for is the AXE Provoke and spray them until these beautiful heavenly creatures appear from nowhere. 
AXE Provoke is now available in all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide. Be provoked with AXE Provoke now!