Event: Kris Aquino releases "My Heart's Journey"

"I am in the state of redemption".
Kris Aquino's heart's journey ended after declaring that she had decided not to be in a relationship anymore as of April 5, 2011 at the press launch of her newest fifth-full length studio album dubbed, "My Heart's Journey" under Universal Records held at Anabel's Tomas Morato today.
"My Heart's Journey" is a spoken-word, special collector's edition CD featuring 15 tracks chronicling seven inspiring phases of her prodigious journey being the most famous icon in the country. The first segment of the album, "My Journey: The Broken Road" where KC Concepcion sang a soulful rendition of "What About Love", the second; My Journey: The Road of Love" where Christian Bautista gave a masculine twist to "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" and  Jed Madela dishes out a chilling interpretation of "Only Love" and "To Where You Are". Both Jed and Christian sang live during the press launch today with Zsa Zsa Padilla and Gail Blanco. The third segment is "My Journey: The Road to God" which expresses Kris' spiritual, almost transcendental journey as she completely surrenders her life to the infinite love of God. I was really astounded to the inimitable tandem of Regine Velasquez and Lani Misalucha giving a rendition of "When You Believe" in the album. 
Kris demystifies the misconceived notion that she has everything anyone could ever dream of baring her deepest hopes and aspirations with the fourth segment, "My Journey: The Road of Expectations". It features Zsa Zsa Padilla's rendition of "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight". My favorite singer Nina is also one of the singers in the fifth segment, "My Journey: The Road of Understanding" singing "I Want To Know What Love Is". The sixth segment, "My Journey: The Road of Forgiveness" celebrates the power of letting go and moving on with Jed Madela's rendition of "Beautiful In My Eyes". The last segment of the album is "My Journey: The Road to Redemption" where Christian Bautista performs a bonus track dedicated by Goldilocks to Kris for her birthday entitled, "Araw Mo". 
I love Kris Aquino for being true, honest and intelligent all these years. She may have been wronged for being tactless sometimes which I find truly natural and truthful but she continuously wows the Filipinos of will power and strength being a woman. I really like the songs in her newest album especially the songs, "Changes in my Life"(Jed Madela) and "I Want To Know What Love Is" (Nina). All these songs remind me of my own heartbreaks and struggles. I'd definitely share this to my sister and my girlfriends, Thanks Kris!
Kris Aquino's "My Heart's Journey" is available in all leading record bars nationwide and it also comes with a special journal containing inspiring life-changing quotes she personally wrote. 
My Heart’s Journey Track List
1. My Journey: The Broken Road | Kris Aquino
2. God Bless The Broken Road | Toni Gonzaga
3. What About Love | KC Concepcion
4. My Journey: The Road Of Love | Kris Aquino
5. Love Moves In Mysterious Ways | Christian Bautista
6. Only Love | Jed Madela
7. It Must Have Been Love | Karylle
8. To Where You Are | Jed Madela
9. Changes In My Life | Jed Madela
10. My Journey: The Road To God | Kris Aquino
11. I Will Be Here | Gail Blanco
12. When You Believe | Regine Velasquez & Lani Misalucha
13. In Your Eyes | Gail Blanco
14. My Journey: The Road Of Expectations | Kris Aquino
15. I’d Really Love To See You Tonight | Zsa Zsa Padilla
16. My Journey: The Road Of Understanding | Kris Aquino
17. I Want To Know What Love Is | Nina
18. My Journey: The Road Of Forgiveness | Kris Aquino
19. Healing | Jed Madela
Bonus Track:
20. Araw Mo | Christian Bautista


  1. It was nice meeting you at the press con. The Fierce Blogger

  2. It was nice meeting both of you there. I hope to be with you again. Thanks for the comment @Eric!!See you soon!


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