Delightful new and old recipes in the brand new series of POH'S KITCHEN, the newest program on TLC

I love the Discovery Travel and Living Channel (also The Learning Channel) shows. From my favorites Anthony Bourdain and Bobby Chinn, more chefs made me love cooking and food more. Meet Poh Ling Yeow, artist ingĂ©nue and now a TV personality chef with a passion for unique and delicious flavours. I can't wait to watch the new series of Poh and her chef friends on TLC's brand new series, POH'S KITCHEN with original recipes and more takes on variety of culture and tradition behind some of the world's favourite dishes. 
In the new series, Poh will discover her Malaysian roots, tracing her family ties and sharing time-honoured family cooking secrets. POH'S KITCHEN premieres every Monday at 1900 hrs (7:00 pm SIN/HK). It will encore following Mondays at 1300 hrs (1:00 pm SIN/HK).  Poh Ling Yeow was born in Malaysia and spent much of her childhood in Kuala Lumpur. Her family migrated to South Australia, where she now lives and works. 
She completed a Bachelor in Design specializing in illustration at the University of South Australia. Her passion for art triggered her intentions for food and as a fifth-generation Chinese Malaysian, she began her interest in cooking as an attempt at reconciling this heritage with her Western identity. For Poh, cooking is all about nurturing and sharing and she loves inviting friends into her kitchen to play, experiment, and help her refine her unique cooking style. I've seen her cook with another chef in one of the episodes creating her personal twist on some of the world's most popular dishes.

She had shown exchanges of recipes and tips with famous chefs like Neil Perry, David Thompson and Emmanuel Mollois. Later in the series, Poh heads off overseas to Malaysia on a three week trip to find out more about her lineage and the traditional dishes from her hometown.  Her discoveries and experiences with some of the circumstances and laughter on the side, POH'S KITCHEN will soon be another iconic program the world will never want to miss. 
Watch POH'S KITCHEN on Discovery TLC every Mondays !Explore your passions and enjoy life.