Review: Insadong Korean Restaurant is so delicious and cheap!

I craved for Korean food last Saturday and I was fortunately with Arpee Lazaro whose sharp memory of where we used to eat with Korean students in college brought me and another friend to Insadong Korean Restaurant along Holy Spirit Drive in Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City. This spot used to be the Seoul Korean Restaurant decades ago when we both bring our Korean students for free delicious meals. We were told that Insadong Korean Restaurant used to be in Kalayaan Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City and transferred to Brgy. Holy Spirit since February.
Like most Korean restos, Insadong also has these Korean-style of cross-sitting with small tables on wood surfaces to keep their legs warm as most homes have boiler systems in their country. 
They also have the usual shabu-shabu style installed stoves for the customers to grill or stew their own choices of dishes like any Korean resto.
While waiting for our orders, we were served with these delectable usual Banchan or Korean side dish common to most Korean restaurants free to any customer who avail of any dish served in the menu. Pickled zucchini, kimchi, fish pancakes, buttered string beans, sauteed eggplant and boiled egg in soy sauce to tease our appetites. I ordered my favorite Ssamgyupsal or Canadian bacon strips served with sliced raw garlic, deonjjang (fermented bean paste), sesame oil with ground pepper and salt, thin strips of onion leeks and fresh lettuce leaves with free soup at P200. 
Arpee ordered his usual Japchae (Korean style rice noodles sauteed with vegetables and meat) P300 and I suggested another friend to have Deonjang Chige (Tofu and vegetables in fermented bean paste stew)P200 along with her choice of Kimpap(Korean style sushi).
This is the colorful and really delicious Japchae served in a huge plate.
And the most delicious Deonjang Chige served boiling hot on a clay bowl. When all the orders were served, it was hard to think how we'd all finish since the servings were hefty and could be shared by more than four. I loved the texture of Japchae as it slides down your lips and really chewy with all the vegetables and meat flavors at every bite. I remember cooking them in the house of my best friend Lori and how it was difficult to mix all the ingredients together because this rice noodles really stick hard that you'd need kitchen scissors to blend all ingredients in. As usual, I'd boast of my knowledge how to eat the Ssamgyupsal getting the lettuce first and putting the bacon dipped in deonjang and sesame oil with salt and pepper, any Banchan of choice to mix with the meat and lastly wrapping them before having a bite. 
It was hard to forget the Deonjang Chige. This is the most delicious Deonjang Chige I've tasted so far because some restaurants which served the same dish left the tofu taste in the tongue. Of all the Korean restaurants I've tried, this will always be the most memorable serving the best Deonjang Chige. I'd have to probably frequent Insadong for more of this to lose that memory in my head, it is really mouth-watering until now.

Insadong Restaurant is located at Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City Philippines. Drive along Holy Spirit Drive from Commonwealth Avenue and you'd see the restaurant beside Puffs and Stuffs.


  1. i will visit this resto on wednesday=) this is super near my kid's school. dinadaan daanan ko lang. =)

  2. you should because you'll really love it. Thanks for the comment @domestic (cherry)!!!


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