Review: Give your shakes a Swoosh!

We love a great refreshing drink on a hot summer day and the success story of IceBreaker Scrambles grew to opening another drink chain to captivate the hearts of Pinoy with Swoosh
What is Swoosh? It seemed simple when you order any variant at P59/small, P66/medium, P73/large because the beverage is still flavored fruit shake with sago (tapioca pearls). The Swoosh is the same shake you'd order anywhere with those tapioca pearls but with non-dairy whipped cream, flavored syrups and sweet toppings .
Their feature product I've just tried is the Yogurt Lassi which is yogurt milk shake with tapioca pearls and non-dairy whipped cream drizzled with strawberry flavored syrup on top. 
Lassi is actually a popular and traditional Punjabi yogurt-based drink of India and Pakistan. It is made by blending yogurt with water or milk and Indian spices. Swoosh posted the health benefits of drinking lassi in their store located at the Food Choices in Trinoma Mall yet the drink had no Indian spices to suit the Filipino sweet tooth. 
My son had the Cookies and Cream Swoosh (large at P73) since he's not much of a yogurt fan. I've also tried their Capuccino Shake and Watermelon shake and I really enjoyed it. Some of the foreigners who'd pass by the store couldn't resist the temptation of the flavors and the colorful presentation of the variants.
The staff was polite and friendly explaining how drinks are made into Swoosh when we visited. I've enjoyed my Swoosh with my chicken meal at World of Chicken after a visit to a close friend in Makati last Saturday. The drink was just perfect to cap off a meal on a hot summer day at the Trinoma Mall. I wished though the perennial existing schemes of politics and issues among peers in the workplace could just simply made into a Swoosh to make every agenda really refreshing. I'd love to Swoosh all those ideas if given the opportunity. 
What else can we Swoosh? Try a Swoosh today at Food Choices in Trinoma Mall and get more ideas how to make your lives refreshing and defnitely healthy!