Review: ATIS Ice Cream from Arce Dairy

Atis Ice Cream, anyone? I did not miss seeing the ATIS (sugar apple/sweet sop) Ice Cream Scoop P40 at Arce Dairy Ice Cream kiosk in SM Fairview today. I remember how I loved atis (the fruit) when my mom was always complaining about the seeds I'd throw everywhere in the house when I was young. She used to scold me about how to properly dispose the seeds since they were poisonous when swallowed. I seldom notice atis fruits in the market and I was so happy to try this Arce Dairy Ice Cream flavor in the mall after work.
From looking at the gallon displayed in the freezer, it would really be tempting to try if the flavor justifies its taste. Arce Dairy Ice Cream is actually made from Carabao milk, richer and tastier compared to other ice creams nationwide. They've probably introduced it to most Pinoys who miss the fruit and wanting to eat them without the seeds. 
I had just one scoop thinking I might not enjoy its flavor after at P40. The texture of the ice cream is creamy and would definitely confuse you if there was really atis in it. It took the whole scoop to finally feel and appreciate its sweet and white flesh since you'd keep analyzing  at every bite if you'd appreciate it without the seeds. After the melting ice cream in my mouth, I was able to taste the Atis white flesh which gave satisfaction and joy. I thought I'd never learn to appreciate it but I did and ordered another scoop. I miss my mom even more and shared the experience to her when I went home.
What is ATIS?
Atis is the Philippine name for Sweet Sop and Sugar Apple. Atis is a relative to custard apple and belongs to the Annona family. Atis is native to Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. Atis was introduced to the Philippines during the Spanish times. Atis is a small tree that grows between 10 to 20 feet high when fully matured with oblong leaves and green heart-shaped fruits with polygonal tubercles. The atis fruit has a white, sweet flesh and black seeds.
Nutritional Value:

Food Value of Atis Fruit
Per 100g
Vitamins & Minerals
Per 100g
Total dietary fiber
Total sugars
91 g
70 g
22 g
2.0 g
2.0 g
0.60 g
9 mg
60 mg
7.5 mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
40 mg
0.12 mg
0.14 mg
0.80 mg
6 I.U.
1 mg
40 mg
30 mg
1.0 mg

Did you know?

Atis is also used as a Herbal Medicine-
• A decoction (boiling in water) of the leaves induces or hastens menstrual flow and used to treat dysentery, colds and fever. The decoction is also used for bathing to alleviate rheumatic pain.
• Crushed leaves are inhaled for dizziness and fainting.
• The bark of the atis tree is used as a decoction for diarrhea.
• The root is a strong purgative and used to treat dysentery.
• Infected insect bites can be cured by applying the juice from an unripe atis fruit.

 Arce Dairy Ice Cream also has other flavors like Pistachio, Blueberry Cheesecake, Green Tea and more. For more information, visit


  1. It's look yummy! Is it really? I can't wait to have a taste of it.

  2. try mo @Nicely at any Arce Dairy Ice Cream..Thanks for the comment!


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