Promo: Get free Oreo topping from ICEBREAKER Scrambles!

I didn't know anything about IceBreaker Scrambles although I kept buying this in front of our school until I've met the young owner today at SM North EDSA. Marlon Sevilla didn't think he'd really succeed after many businesses that went down the drain and he really believed it was pure luck how IceBreaker Scrambles became popular. A tourism graduate from UST, he was motivated in putting up his own business after strolling in the malls of Malabon startled at how a scrambles vendor make P800 a day. 
From one kiosk he opened in Malabon, IceBreaker Scrambles grew different branches nationwide. I've always loved scrambles back in elementary and I've missed eating it in college when most vendors started disappearing in the neighborhood. My elementary teacher once said that the scrambles I buy was so dirty and not nutritious but I kept buying then because it really felt refreshing on hot summer days. Today when I've attended the blogger event of IceBreaker Scrambles, I've felt so much admiration to the passion Mr. Marlon Sevilla had put in the business although he plans to set up another with Swoosh in Trinoma Mall soon. IceBreaker Scrambles like all scrambles are made of sweet crushed ice topped with powdered milk and other goodies like chocolate syrups and the most favorite choco bits toppings. 
I believed like most bloggers who attended the event that the price of IceBreaker Scrambles was the key factor that made every Pinoy loved it. IceBreaker Scrambles prices are really budget-friendly and truly refreshing at P7/P10/P17. We were treated to the new topping to surely captivate the hearts of most Pinoys, Oreo cookies. The Oreo cookie topping made the scrambles more flavorful and filling at the same cost. I thought it was ridiculous since the nature of scrambles was simply sweet crushed ice with powdered milk and putting cookies will lose it's scrambles flavor but I was wrong, It really worked! He told us of the promo that when a consumer buys the 12oz tub at P17 with Oreo cookie topping, they'd give the customer a coupon of free Oreo cookie topping on the next purchase! Start enjoying the summer heat with IceScrambles with Oreo cookie topping today!