Movie Review: Mars needs Moms

At this age, I still can't live without my mom. I've missed my mom even more after watching the red carpet premiere of Walt Disney's Mars Needs Moms in Disney Digital 3D at the SM Mall of Asia Cinema 3 yesterday with fellow media friends. Stars voices of Seth Green, Joan Cusack, Dan Fogler, Elizabeth Harmois and Mindy Sterling, the movie is another animation flick set to teach the kids and the young-at-heart how a planet really needs "the crazy love thing" which all moms are innate of. I watched it with my son sharing him stories of how my own mom was nagging about household chores and it did make him reflect on things I've always asked him to do around the house. Mars needs Moms is about the story of Milo, a nine-year-old boy who learned to miss his mom after being abducted by Martians. Milo sought help of the tech-savvy, underground earthman named Gribble to help save his own mom to get back to earth. You'd clearly notice the significant voice of Joan Cusack as Mom in the movie with vivid gestures particular to her character and her personality as an actress. The computer approximation of Joan Cusack's face may have been questionable but the voice and the character was perfect with her persona as an actress. 
Mars needs Moms directed by Simon Wells, is a great Sunday movie with the kids and the parents. Mom appreciation often ignored by teens was a significant highlight although the gender issues regarding Martians rule and system run by the Supervisor in the movie may cause confusion to the kids. Yet, the characters of the soldiers and citizens in Mars in the movie wore uniforms that did not clearly show obvious gender discrimination unless the children who'd watch the movie will religiously listen to the dialogues.
Mars needs Moms is still a fun, all ages space adventure movie showing in SM Cinemas tomorrow.