Go Natural with ASCOF Lagundi Cough Syrup

I've given ASCOF Lagundi Cough Syrup to my son twelve years ago afraid  of medicines with methamphetamine hydrochloride side effects to the brain reported in the newspapers. When all the elders had recommended to boil the lagundi leaves, I've opted to take the alternative preparation in cough syrup with ASCOF Lagundi and his cough was gone in two days.
Lagundi leaves were also recommended by co-teachers and neighbors as it cure a wide variety of illnesses such as headaches, fever and even superficial bleeding. ASCOF Lagundi, the most studied Lagundi brand in the market had captivated the hearts of more mothers in the country. Made from 100% Lagundi leaves, ASCOF Lagundi is the first herbal medicine from the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to be licensed to a local pharmaceutical company and launched in the market. It is made by Pascual Laboratories, a trusted name in consumer and ethical healthcare.
The technology in developing the Lagundi tablet and syrup as an herbal medicine is a product of more than two decades of extensive scientific research by the National Integrated Research Program of Medicinal Plants (NIRPROMP), a consortium of top academic institutions and scientists of the country. They have proven through more clinical trials conducted that Lagundi is comparably effective and safer than conventional chemical-based formulations. It is actually at least 6 times safer than Carbocistine based on studies done by the Irish Medical Board of Carbocisteine. It causes no negative effects and have no reported adverse reaction from its continued use. 
I have given my son ASCOF Lagundi for years now and have continued recommended the product to all my students with cough. Using chemical cough medicines is potentially hazardous to children as it often causes drowsiness, respiratory distress, and can make sensitive children hyperactive and irritable.
 How ASCOF Lagundi works
ASCOF Lagundi has an effective three-way action: One, it promotes bronchodilation, opening up the bronchial tubes to facilitate airflow and to make it easier for a patient to breathe. Two, it dissolves mucus to make it easier to cough up and expel from the body. And three, it also treats symptoms of hypersensitivity due to its anti-histamine properties.
ASCOF Lagundi is commercially available in syrup (Ponkan, Strawberry, Menthol and Menthol Sugar-free flavors), tablet and capsule formats and distributed to leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.
I'll always go for natural to better the condition of my son and my students. Like what they always say, prevention is better than cure.