Event: Photographic Passions find home at The Meranti at Two Serendra

I've just attended the Snapshots of Perfection, the third Saturday Brunch Series photography workshop today of Joseph Galian from the Federation of Philippine Photography Foundation (FPFF) in the picturesque community of The Meranti at Two Serendra

Before the short talk of Mr. Galian, media guests were treated to a scrumptious lunch buffet by Chef Laudico. Appetizers were already filling with the hard-to-miss Tinola Aroz Caldo with Malunggay Puree Soup and the Mesclun Salad with Fresh Garden Vegetables, Nuts, Kesong Puti, Dried and Fresh Fruits with Creamy Salted Egg and Adobo Balsamic Dressing.
Chef Laudico also whipped exciting main entrees perfect to describe the living environment at The Meranti with Bringhe Rice, Grilled Vegetables with Bagoong, Adobong Kangkong, Spaghetti with Crab Rice and Calamari and Grilled Tuna with Burro Shrimp Sauce. I loved the Maja Blanca Cheese Cake and the Suman Coconut Panna Cotta Rice Cake and tried a few tricks I've learned from Mr. Joseph Galian.
The photography workshop included the tour of the different features of The Meranti; Tropical Garden, a glass-enclosed party venue that can accommodate up to 300 people, The Culinary Studio, a spacious kitchen and dining area and the well-appointed Fitness Club, a multi-story gym outfitted with complete exercise equipment. 
The Meranti, the third and latest high-rise section of Two Serendra was designed with the pursuit of passion in mind featuring unique amenities that will help nurture and provide venue for artistic endeavors like photography, health and fitness and lifestyle needs.  Among their interesting amenities is The Stellar Peak, a space where residents can bond over intimate gatherings at the roofdeck of Two Serendra. This can be the haven for scenic and landscape photography enthusiasts.
They also have tree-lined courtyard and greenery at the Tropical Garden, a perfect landscape for special occasions and photography scenery.
Those whose interests lie in more intellectual pursuits will enjoy the Discovery Hall, a relaxed setting where parents and children can browse through books, play games, or enjoy other indoor activities together. 
It was a meaningful learning experience attending Joseph Galian's Snapshots of Perfection photography workshop and I have gained more passion in photography of not just food but scenes and places especially in the beautiful community of The Meranti at Two Serendra. The community offers all these perfect amenities to suit your dream lifestyle. Turn your dreams to reality with The Meranti at Two Serendra, all set to be the address of choice for discerning individuals who value their passions in life.
More pictures I did in the photography workshop here.

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