Event: May Kay introduces new TimeWise® Moisture Renewing™ Gel Mask and the TimeWise® Liquid Foundations

Aside from food, I have so much passion in beauty products that I frequent spas and binge shop on so many cosmetics to try different looks every year. I've just attended the "Pampering Party" event of Mary Kay Philippines introducing their new TimeWise® Moisture Renewing™ Gel Mask and the TimeWise® Liquid Foundations last Wednesday at the Makati Shangrila Hotel with fellow media friends. 
I've been noticing the oily spot on my nose these days and I knew then that it was because of the liquid foundation I've tried using since last month. I thought I needed another recommendation from beauty blogger friends because it really feels frustrating to feel oil and uneven skin tone making me feel uncomfortable everyday. I've tried Mary Kay's liquid foundation like their Full Coverage in the past and had not replenished stocks since then because a colleague in school had been going out of the country often. 
Before the program, guests were encouraged to join the cupcake design contest. Four pampering stations of back massage, head massage, manicure and make-up make-over by Mary Kay were set-up featuring the newest additions to TimeWise® line, the new Moisture Renewing™ Gel Mask and the TimeWise® Liquid Foundations. Anti-aging products these days come in different forms and it's most considered by Filipino women these days in cosmetics. I have also been an avid customer of anti-aging liquid foundation, powder, and lipsticks to protect my skin and help slow down aging. When we were all given the skin care test, I was not too happy to realize that I scored 11 falling under the bracket of 35 year old women and older who badly needed anti-aging skin products. The new TimeWise® Moisture Renewing™ Gel Mask was the answer to all my mall searches all this time for a perfect anti-aging mask. 
I've tried the TimeWise® Liquid Foundation Matte-Wear Beige No.5  in the make-up station and I felt different as it was really so light on the skin. Going through hot spaces in Makati  last wednesday afternoon, I noticed my nose never getting oily and I was convinced the product really works. 
It was really a great Pampering Party from Mary Kay and I was happy to have back massages, manicure and make-up. I have become one Mary Kay lover, the global brand trusted for more than 48 years. There's really more than beauty products at Mary Kay. They are not just known to be one of the best direct-selling consumer products in the world. They have also been helping the community with the campaign, Pink Changing Lives, like the partnership with Welcome House of of Good Shepherd for charities; building a Learning and Resource Center providing temporary shelter to women who are abused and victims of violence. I have watched a documentary on the beginnings and developments of Mary Kay before and have long admired their programs on enriching the lives of women all over the world. Mary Kay Philippines have achieved more than developing skills of Filipino women not just on selling and mastering the art of using beauty products but assimilating the discipline and social responsibility that Mary Kay embodies. This is more than just selling, they really teach creating meaningful learning relationships among women who share the same passion and advocacy. 

Thank you Mary Kay for more than just a Pampering Party today!
TimeWise® Moisture Renewing™ Gel Mask retails at Php 1,350 and the TimeWise® Liquid Foundation retails at Php750 from April 16, 2011. Both beauty products are available through a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

For more information on the newest TimeWise® Moisture Renewing™ Gel Mask and the TimeWise® Liquid Foundations and more of Mary Kay products, please visit http://www.marykay.com.ph