Event: I've learned Social Intelligence from Filipino Influencers at Bannister Academy

Mentoring gives education a personal touch. 
I've really learned a lot from listening to famous Filipino influencers, Dr. Torralba, Ms. Janet Toral, RJ Ledesma and Kabayanihan.org's Board of Trustees Atty. Fred Mison explaining the importance of social intelligence at the opening of Bannister Academy today in Circulo Verde at Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City with fellow media friends.
Hosted by Bannister Academy's School Headmaster, Mr. John Borra, the event featured significant Filipino influencers who shared experiences on how people were moved with their field of expertise. This type of mentoring and sharing is congruent to Bannister Academy's principle of a liberal education, balancing science, culture, and society as the best way to prepare the child for the relentless pace of the 21st century. 
I certainly agree that instead of spending more time planning for the lavish summer vacation getaways this month, all parents should be properly considering the opportunity to evaluate different schools for their kids these days. Some schools may boast of teachers' qualification rather than methods of learning which eventually leads to disappointment. Bannister Academy believes that kids need a proper social education to better improve this country first and foremost. Practicing relationships between specific areas of knowledge and solving problems in original and non-conventional way may be the best approach that empowers Bannister Academy and this separates them from all the existing schools. It was great understanding how to teach the learner the ability to deal with complexity, diversity and change through the talks of famous Filipino influencers, Janet Toral of Digital Filipino, RJ Ledesma, Dr. Torralba and Kabayanihan.org's Board of Trustees Atty. Fred Mison
Ms. Janet Toral, the country's most famous social media influencer shared her stories of how children she met in provinces evolved from being a simple learner to successful media practitioner through her projects and initiatives at Digital Filipino Club
Dr. Torralba who kept his speech short and simple explained how Bannister Academy concept of an educational institution was created. 
Atty. Fred Mison was funny sharing jokes and how it influenced him to believe a good sense of humour is a higher form of intelligence children these days can be motivated. 
Relationship guru and author RJ Ledesma known from being a celebrity and event host shared how he learned social intelligence from juggling different jobs as a real estate developer, an editor of UNO magazine and a Vice Consul for Monaco. He shared his wits and learnings emphasizing how many Filipinos these days are absorbed with their "entitlement" issues. I was in awe listening to how well he filters his language dealing with different types of people each day and eventually reflected how significant they are in the public schools.
Bannister Academy with its passion to transcend its limits creating high standards to provide attractive option for students with average and above-average skills integrates character education in all subjects and extra-curricular activities, making sure these values (maturity, freedom, responsibility and spirit of service to the country). Learning One-on-One may be an ambitious goal of an educational institution but Bannister Academy delivers along with their three promises; First, focusing on practical education. Second, implementing a mentoring program to keep pace with the kids and be as crazy and fun as they need the teachers to be and lastly, encourage parents to be involved with their child's education to share responsibility and help the child explore and develop social intelligence.
It was not just inspiring attending Bannister's Academy's Open House today because I've somehow confirmed my constant goal in education, to impart good intentions and knowledge to better the lives of the underpriveleged and more.
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Bannister Academy is located inside Circulo Verde Subdivision, Calle Industria, Quezon City. Find out more by visiting http://bannister.edu.ph or call (+632)975-9625 and mobile (+63917) 711-0100.