Event: Hallmark's Scrapbooking for Bloggers

I love art though I have no aesthetic abilities to make things girly or proper. I've just attended the Scrapbooking Event for Bloggers of Filstar Distributors Corporation at the FDC Head Office yesterday with fellow bloggers and I've found myself creating memoirs of my mom through the years. 
With the internet and social networking sites where most people email greetings and messages, I thought of what happened to the most famous Hallmark all these years. Then I remembered how I've always saved my school allowances for cards to give my parents and friends. I remembered how my classmates in high school were all so skillful in scrapbooking and how the teachers loved them. These days the students simply know how to copy paste each message found in the internet and I thought this is the best time to relearn all these and put effort and hardwork at each craft. 
We were all informed to bring photos and when Ms. Carmel of FDC Marketing started teaching how to use the scrapbooking kit, I thought of how to make my pictures come alive with all the accessories and the art of giving color and texture to my first project. 
It was long and painstaking and I thought I'd also join the buzz complaining how difficult the project was and how it kills so much time but I actually enjoyed it. When asked to put a title to my album, I though of nothing but the message I never failed to tell my mom who's been away for 11 years now. 
I've realized how much I actually enjoyed every bit of choosing which accessory to put to make the whole album pretty and what message I'd put in my notes to express my thoughts because I really miss her. With my limp walking, huge shape and my age, I felt like a child again while trying to put texture on my papers with fellow blogger friends. Each sticker in my lootbag reminded me of how much I bought all the same stuff when I was in elementary and how my mom scolded me about it.
After the first project we were taught of how to make a simple pop-up album and I remembered my students. I've always asked the creative writers these years to make their stories with illustrations and pop-ups. It was difficult to ask them since buying simple materials to make simple pop-ups would be a bigger problem. I learned simple pop-up techniques and with my limited skills and imagination, I've become more motivated to share to my students in the coming days how to make their work more creative with scrapbooking.
So what will Hallmark do with Pinoys glued to the internet for almost everything?
1. They're all set to launch the Scrapaholics World, the ultimate Scrapbooking Club this summer to raise some serious scrapbooking fun this summer on April 3, 2011, 10am at the Robinson's Metro East Activity Center.
2. They'll be raffling a TRIP FOR 2 TO BANGKOK for a P100-worth purchase from March 1 to May 31, 2011 of any Scrapbooking products at any National Bookstore branch nationwide. You can also win a brand new Sizzix Big Shot Machine perfect for your scrapbooking needs.
3. They're raffling an APPLE IPAD if you purchase any Hallmark Between You and Me card from March 1 to April 30, 2011 at any National Bookstore, Pandayan Bookshop, Puregold, Sta. Lucia East Dept. Store, Landmark, Magic, LCC, CSI and NCCC branches and selected Robinson's Department Store and SM Supplies Station outlets.
4. You can actually win a BRAND NEW CAR- Suzuki Alto Standard with Big Bic Treats raffle promo just simply purchase P50-worth of any Bic Writing Instruments from April 15 to July 15 at any participating store.See Filstar Site for more details here.
They've got more to share and their efforts to not just woo the customers to buy their products as they have announced during the event that they'll be visiting schools to conduct free seminars and skills training All About Scrapbooking. I truly applaud the efforts to make more students these days appreciate the art and the patience to make school projects more presentable and creative considering how many of our youths today spend so much time in the internet. Some old school habits should be back. So kids, get those papers and scraps ready for they'd be coming to your school anytime soon!

For more details about the raffle and other promos, please visit http://www.filstar.com.ph


  1. I looove doing scrapbooks! I have created one for my ex, one for my current ;) and for one lucky kid. There was not much available resources then, so I just have to use old magazines.. I was planning to make one for myself but I lost all my pictures when our house burnt down.. :( So I kinda feel demotivated after that.. but now, I am just glad that we have companies promoting Scrapbooking again!

  2. Glad you're happy about the great news! Thanks for the comment @Ruth!


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