Event: CaliforniaBerry introduces Pasta Dishes, Fresh Fruit Blends, Organic Coffee and Ice Ice Baby to Bloggers!

More than just froyo! CaliforniaBerry, the country's famous froyo introduced their newest products for Pinoys to enjoy this summer with Fresh Fruit Blends, Pasta Dishes, Organic Coffee and Ice Ice Baby to food bloggers today at CaliforniaBerry Mezza Residences in Sta. Mesa, Manila.
We were catching up on what's new with fellow bloggers when we were treated with a welcome drink of Fresh Fruit Blends, BananaRama- Fresh Mango, Kiwi and Bananas shake (P95). It was perfect cooling my throat in the middle of a hot afternoon. Other variants served include Double Berry - Strawberry and Blueberry, FluShot - Strawberry, Kiwi and Orange, Mango Tango - Mango, Banana and Peach. We were also told that any customer who avail of the Fresh Fruit Blends may whip up their own choice of 3 fruit variants from the fruits available, Kiwi, Mango, Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach.
Program started with introduction of how CaliforniaBerry started and their newest offerings this summer. I joined in the dance and the fun games with my limited skills from what may be viewed by others as "sugar rush". Ice Ice Baby (P65), CaliforniaBerry's new product is shaved ice with flavored syrup to spice the shaved ice and fresh fruit or regular toppings.
This is the Ice Ice Baby topped with condensed milk drizzle and choco rings. We also enjoyed the Strawberry syrup flavored shaved Ice Ice Baby.
My brain froze a bit after eating all those ice desserts until we were served Carbonara (P135), Cheesy Lasagna (P145) and Seafood Alfredo (P145) Pasta with their original Organic Coffee (P85). Their Lasagna will definitely be appreciated by children because it's really sweet and cheesy. My choice was still the Carbonara among others because I love to cook them at home.
This is their Pasta Carbonara (P135).
Cheesy Lasagna (P145)
Seafood Alfredo (P145)
This is their wonderful Organic Coffee (P85) which is really perfect when you've binged on all their ice dessert choices and started feeling the brain freeze like I did. 
It was really fun and I've enjoyed the fun dance and activities winning at least second place in the lemon roll game with another blogger friend. CaliforniaBerry's newest products were really delicious and perfect to cool you this summer. I can't wait to whip my own choice of Baby and Topping for my next Ice Ice Baby and get healthier with their Fresh Fruit Blends
Have more than just froyo at CaliforniaBerry (although I really like their Choco Seeds and Red Berries toppings) because they have more to offer this summer with new Pasta Dishes, Fresh Fruit Blends, Organic Coffee and Ice Ice Baby!


  1. ang bilis ha. parang real time blogging lang.lol. I also enjoyed the games, kahit na parang na-abuse ako ng kaunti.hahaha. then the lasagna is rweally really good.:D

  2. LOLs thanks for the comment @pusang kalye! I also enjoyed it abusing you and the others, LOLs..at least there was a prize! Hope to see you again soon!

  3. your sense of humor was much as refreshing with this cool treats from caliberi!

  4. thanks @Rome...hope to be with you again!! See you at Iblog7!!

  5. Nice pictures Mam, I'm a bit curious about that choco stuff in their ice ice baby, is that the "Sponge" of oishi mam? I'm also going to iBlog 7, see you there mam!

    -Mark (http://markility.blogspot.com

  6. looks like it @Mark but it's not. Thanks for the comment and see you there at Iblog7!


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