Contest: Coca-Cola's Any Concert Anywhere in the World for Bloggers!

Attention teenagers, kids and the young-at-heart bloggers! Now we all have two ways to go to Any Concert Anywhere in the World with Coca-Cola. How? By joining the raffle promo and joining the Any Concert Anywhere in the World for Bloggers, you have two ways to go anywhere in the world to watch your favorite musical acts. Sean Kingston, Train, Mike Posner, Kings of Leon, MGMT, KeSha, David Archuleta, Usher, U-Kiss, Westlife, Foofighters, Deftones, The Script, 2PM and The Glee Cast are just some of the greatest performers you can actually watch live in concert venues all over the world. The Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Contest will run from February 18 to March 15, 2011. 
               Blogger Promo Registration 
              a. This promo is open to all bloggers nineteen (19) years of age or older as of February 17, 2011
b.      Bloggers who attended the “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Event are automatically eligible
c.       Bloggers who did not attend can still join by registering with the digital agency of Coca-Cola, MRM Worldwide. Here’s how to do it:
                                                               i.      Email
                                                             ii.      Subject heading must be: Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Registration
                                                            iii.      Include first and last name
                                                           iv.      Your blog URL/s
                                                             v.      Your mobile number
                                                           vi.      Your email address
d.      The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Philippines) and its agency reserves the right to decline any registration for any reason, if the need arises, such as but not limited to any misrepresentation of or inconsistencies with the Coca-Cola Brand Values. 
Blogger Contest Mechanics
a.       The Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Raffle Promotion must be promoted on your blog and/or other online properties (i.e. Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, etc.)
c.       As an additional requirement, your blog must also feature another Coca-Cola contest, “Coke Dream Pack”, in at least one other, separate blog entry (or online property)
d.      Your publication and promotion of these two Coke efforts must fall in between February 18 to March 15, 2011 
Submission of Blog Promotions
a.       Before 11:59pm on March 15, 2011, you must email a Power Point presentation with the following mandatory slides
                    i.      Compiled documentation of all Any Concert Anywhere promotional initiatives (blog posts, vlogs, tweets, status updates, links to pertinent resources, etc.)
                    ii.      One slide exclusively for a screenshot of their blog post featuring the “Coke Dream Pack” contest
b.      Email should be sent to before the deadline, with the following details:
                        i.      Subject heading: Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” Blogger Contest Entry
                       ii.      Your first and last name
                      iii.      Your blog URL/s
                      iv.      Your mobile number
                      v.      Your email address 
     Criteria for Judging
a.       50% Creative Writing
                 i.      Accuracy and usefulness of information and clarity of promo mechanics
                 ii.      Novelty and originality of the blog entries
                  iii.      The blog’s interest and appeal to influence readers to join the contest
                 iv.      Creativity/Tools used (social networking sites, videos, user-generated content, skinning, etc.)
                  v.      Coca-Cola Brand Voice (Positive, Energizing, Young, Refreshing)
b.      50% Blog Reach
                       i.      Number of blog site entries
                      ii.      Number of blog unique user comments (per entry)
                      iii.      Number of SNS and micro-blog status messages
                      iv.      Number of SNS and micro-blog status message unique user comments (per entry) 
a.       Blogger that achieves the best score according to the above criteria as determined solely by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Philippines) and its agency wins an exclusive pass to attend a concert together with one of the official “Any Concert Anywhere” Raffle Promotion winners
b.      Winning blogger has the option to choose which winner to accompany. The winning blogger then gets to join the official promo winner in the promo winner’s chosen concert. Blogger prize will not be convertible to cash.
c.       The winning blogger will be entitled to the following as part of his/her prize:
                               i.      Two-Way economy air fare
                               ii.      Accommodations at a hotel for 3 days, 2 nights
                               iii.      Pocket money amounting to USD 350
                               iv.      One concert ticket – category or seat type of the concert ticket to be determined by TCCEC and subject to availability
d.      The winning blogger shall be responsible for obtaining and processing his/her own passport, visa for travel, and any travel document required to venue of the concert to be attended by his/her chosen promo winner.
e.      The winning blogger is required to perform full PR-coverage of his/her Any Concert Anywhere experience through his/her personal blog and/or other online properties. Coverage can be performed anytime within 30 days from flight date to designated country
f.        The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Philippines) and its agency has the right to use any coverage material produced by the winning blogger for further promotion of the “Any Concert Anywhere” Raffle Promotion
g.       Two (2) cases of Coca-Cola products will be awarded to five (5) runners-up as consolation prizes 
Announcement of Winners
a.       The winning blogger will be notified via official email and verified through a phone call by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation’s (TCCEC) Third Party Supplier on March 31, 2011
b.      The winning blogger will be provided with the full list of official “Any Concert Anywhere” winners along with their respective concert venues of choice on April 4, 2011. Winning blogger must inform The Coca-Cola Export Corporation’s (TCCEC) Third Party Supplier by April 6, 2011 on which winner he/she is choosing to accompany.
If you did not attend the blogger event and wish to get Supplemental Informational Materials from the official Coca-Cola Any Concert Anywhere website, do register via email at the official Coca-Cola “Any Concert Anywhere” website at
Many of you kept playing games and wasting time on updates so try making use of your time to promote Any Concert Anywhere in the World by Coca-Cola and make that dream of watching your favorite musical acts come true today. Start blogging!


  1. I hate it!! I don't qualify for the competition.. wish I am already 19.. :)

  2. Age requirements are posted for a valid reason, there'll be more contests..don't fret @Jaztien...I'll post another contest soon where you can join..thanks!


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